Club Operation

Capital Wave is an incorporated not-for-profit water polo club located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We offer water polo programs for athletes aged 6 to adult. Most of our revenue comes from membership fees. All members of the executive are volunteers and we pay only for pool rental, coaches, lifeguards, equipment, and a bookkeeper. An annual general meeting is held once per year to elect the new executive. Our constitution and bylaws provide the overall structure for the club.


Water polo is universally recognized as one of the most demanding team sports for developing well-rounded, physically fit athletes in both strength and endurance.

Our vision is to create a fun environment for all kids aged 6 and up, regardless of swimming ability, through both recreational and competitive water polo programs that focus on long term athlete development and team spirit. Health, safety, proper diet, and good life-style choices are an important part of our training.

Strong coaching is integral to achieving our vision. We have a full time dedicated Head Coach that oversees all of the programs and personally follows the progress of all athletes to help them reach their full potential. The Head Coach is also responsible for selecting and training our other coaches.

For those who wish to pursue the competitive aspects of water polo, we offer a rigorous program designed to compete at the Provincial and National levels.


Capital Wave Water Polo Club aims to give athletes the opportunity to develop a positive self-image, achieve physical and mental strength, and attain goals through competitive and recreational water polo. We work with athletes to support their individual achievement in the sport, allowing them to strive for their 'personal best' both in and out of the pool. We believe our club fosters self-discipline, mutual respect, acceptance, and tolerance among coaches, athletes, parents, and volunteers.

WAVE = Water, Active, Values, Excitement

Coaching Philosophy

When I coach, I teach that a win is not only winning a water polo game or a tournament, but having a positive experience for each athlete! I believe in Respect, Attitude, Discipline, Integrity, Credibility, Transparency, Communication, Opportunity, and Consistency. These are all big words for big success in life!

During my career, I have adopted and continue to support both the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) program that has been created for all sports in Canada and the Ontario Water Polo competitive regulations and adjustments for AAA and AA water polo. Our teams and programs will be aligned accordingly.

COACHING is not only my professional career, but also my PASSION!

Celso Rojas, Head Coach

Board of Directors

Jeff Greco, Acting Co-President
Jeff and his wife Erin are parents of two active teenage girls. Jeff understands the importance of being involved in his daughters' lives and takes every opportunity to not only encourage, but participate, in their activities and interests. Over many years, Jeff has volunteered his time organizing, coaching, managing, or chaperoning soccer, hockey, skiing, and outdoor camps.

Jeff's youngest daughter (2002) joined water polo in 2013 and Jeff and Erin served as team managers for the 14U Girls in 2014-2015, and for the Development/Initiation athletes in 2013-2014.

Stepping into the huge shoes of the past president, Kim Oastler, Jeff also believes strongly in the Capital Wave vision of creating a community for our members, not just a club. Focusing on the individual needs of each athlete, Jeff wants to ensure a positive experience and that there are smiles in and out of the pool.

In his professional life, Jeff is a Senior IT consultant working in both the public and private sectors. In his spare time, Jeff enjoys a good happy hour with friends, the sounds of a great music playlist, spending time with all three of his beautiful girls and seeking adventure in the outdoors.
Shannon Gasparotto, Acting Co-President
Shannon Gasparotto joined the Capital Wave Family three years ago when one of her daughters began playing water polo. She is a teacher with 17 years experience in the classroom; connecting students and parents through education to enable student growth. Shannon continues to volunteer at her church as well as her daughters' school, on parent council. She strongly believes in the importance of volunteers for any community and organization to function and grow.
Kim Oastler, Member at Large
Kim Oastler and her husband, Paul, blended their families almost 10 years ago. As the mother of six children, she has had many opportunities to witness the impact coaches and mentors can have on children as they grow. Kim believes that participation in a sport should support each athlete developing the physical, social, cognitive and emotional skills they will need as young adults. Kim's youngest daughter (2000) joined water polo last year. She has always loved the water. Water polo is a competitive and physically challenging sport, but it is also a tremendous amount of fun. Kim feels strongly that if families are going to spend their time and money investing in a sport then the community created by that sport needs to be friendly and inclusive. That is the vision for Capital Wave; we are creating a community for our members, not just a club. Kim has been involved in the not-for-profit world for 20 years working with children and families. She has spent the last four years as Executive Director for a small not-for-profit literacy agency in Ottawa.

Kim served as Capital Wave president from July 2012-July 2015 and was instrumental at getting our successful, fast-growing club up and running.
Angela Meier, Secretary
As the mother of two active boys (1998 and 2003), Angela Meier is committed to an active and healthy lifestyle, and to keeping her children healthy and happy in sports. "Water polo is an excellent cardiovascular exercise where athletes are constantly on the move. The sport is great for building confidence, friendships, and life-long skills," she says. A former nurse, Angela is a strong believer in community involvement and has served on the board of directors for the Military Family Resource Centre and is an active volunteer in the school library and on school trips. In addition to running, cycling and skiing, she is a dance instructor, and plays fiddle and piano.
Catherine Seaman, Member at Large
Catherine Seaman is the mother of two girls (1999 and 2001) and an advocate for fun and healthy sporting activities. Her husband played water polo in high school and encouraged their daughters, who were good swimmers and loved being in the water, to try water polo... and they love it! As Catherine believes strongly in the development of leadership skills amongst athletes, she values volunteerism and mentorship as key guiding principles to a sport. Her participation on various other boards (such as Cumberland Non-profit Housing Corporation, Vice-President; Ontario Library Association, Director; Association des bibliothèques de l'Ontario - Franco, President) demonstrates her commitment as a volunteer in the community and as a positive role model for her daughters.

Cathy served as Capital Wave vide president from July 2012-July 2015 and along with Kim Oastler, was instrumental in building our successful club.
Dana Cooper, Treasurer
Dana is the husband of board member Nadine Jodion, a father of three boys and owner of two beloved yorkshire terriers. Dana's middle son plays with the Capital Wave U16 team. Dana has been involved with all his boys and their activities of hockey, soccer and baseball both as a coach and a team manager. Dana has a long history with water polo. As a student at the University of Ottawa, Dana was the Sports Editor for the Fulcrum (UofO student newspaper) where his responsibilities included covering the U of O women's water polo team. Dana obtained his degree in Physical Education at the University of Ottawa and then continued his studies at the University of British Columbia where he obtained his MBA. He is also a Certified Association Executive (CAE). Dana has more than 20 years of management experience in the not-for-profit sector and currently works as a consultant for NFP organizations and serves as Executive Director of two organizations in the prothetics and orthotics industry. Dana has a passion for effective leadership and management of not-for-profit organizations--from the smallest ones volunteer run to large organizations with many staff. Dana has enjoyed watching the camaraderie and energy of Capital Wave grow over the past few years and is happy to serve as a club volunteer.
Nadine Jodoin, Member at Large
Nadine and her husband Dana Cooper have three teenage sons with very different personalities and interests. Nadine believes that children should be introduced to both athletic and artistic pursuits from an early age in order to foster development of the mind, body and spirit. Her middle son (1999) always loved the water and after trying competitive swimming, finally found his passion (and second family) with water polo a few years ago. Over the years, Nadine has volunteered for many organizations related to her sons' activities but is most proud of her role in advocating for and strengthening francophone services in the small Albertan city where the family lived for many years. A former physiotherapist, Nadine is currently employed at the City of Ottawa in the Community and Social Services Department.
Mark Allerton, IT Director, Member at Large
Mark and his wife Julie have lived in Ottawa for the past 15 years and have two daughters competing for Capital Wave. Mark is an IT consultant specializing in software design and development and has over 25 years of experience. Mark has provided his services to many companies including Royal Bank of Canada, IBM, Adobe, and Honeywell. He is responsible for Capital Wave's IT services and is the designer of the Capital Wave website.
Privacy Statement

The club gathers information in order to maintain accurate, up-to-date records so that we can communicate with you. We do not rent, sell or trade mailing lists. See the club's Privacy Policy for more information.

Our Sponsors

Capital Wave would like to acknowledge the support from the following sponsors:

  • Home Hardware, 2121 Tenth Line Road, Orleans
  • Beat Studios
  • The McGinnis Family - In Memory of Jennifer Sokoluk who believed that anyone could change the world.
  • Erin Elliott
  • Robert Oastler
  • The Bloom Family
  • The Hemstreet Family
  • The Sibbald Family
  • Wilson's Independent Grocer