Coaching Philosophy

When I coach, I teach that a win is not only winning a water polo game or a tournament, but having a positive experience for each athlete! I believe in Respect, Attitude, Discipline, Integrity, Credibility, Transparency, Communication, Opportunity, and Consistency. These are all big words for big success in life!

During my career, I have adopted and continue to support both the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) program that has been created for all sports in Canada and the Ontario Water Polo competitive regulations and adjustments for AAA and AA water polo. Our teams and programs will be aligned accordingly.

COACHING is not only my professional career, but also my PASSION!

Celso Rojas, Head Coach

Meet Our Coaching Staff

We have an extensive coaching staff. Our coaches bring a variety of experience to Capital Wave and love sharing their passion for water polo with all our athletes and their parents. We encourage you to review their profiles.

Celso Rojas - Head Coach
Head Coach Celso Rojas has coached all age groups and all skill levels for more than 20 years. Born in Peru, Celso was already a successful competitive swimmer when he started playing water polo at the age of 15. As team captain for the Peruvian National Water Polo Team, he participated in numerous national and international tournaments. In the 1990s, Celso had the opportunity to train with the US National Water Polo Team. During his four years in California, he fostered a number of important links within the US water polo community. In 1994, he returned to Peru and, again, became a member of the Peruvian National Team.

Celso moved his family to Canada in 2001, settling in Vancouver where he became coach of the girls' team at Simon Fraser University. Under his tutelage, the girls won the North West Division title, in 2004, for the first time ever.

He joined British Columbia's Provincial Team as a development coach in 2003, and became the Provincial Head Coach from 2005 to 2008. During that period, BC teams of both genders won many national and international events. In 2008, Celso moved to Ottawa, where he coached two years for the CSL Women's league and assisted the NDC programs. In 2014, Celso was named Assistant coach of the women's Commonwealth Team and assistant coach of the 19U women's national team.

Celso is working on his Level 4 coaching certification.

He lives in Orleans with his wife and three children. All of his children play water polo; the eldest two have won many awards at the provincial and national levels.

Celso's detailed biography
Adrian Steenkamer
With eight years' experience coaching water polo at various levels of athletic development, Adrian Steenkamer is a team player with expertise in providing technical, strategic, physical, and mental direction to athletes. He has extensive experience assistant coaching and coaching at provincial and national water polo tournaments, as well as regional (invitational) tournaments. In 2009, 2010 and 2011, his teams won gold at the provincial level and took silver at the 2011 National Championship.

Adrian has a strong belief in the long-term athletic development (LTAD) program, which considers the best interests of the athlete, not the goals of coaches or parents who might simply want to win at all costs. He has his Level 2 coaching certification with three multi-sport modules completed.
David Hart
David Hart is a 4-time Olympian. His career as an athlete, coach and leader in the sport of water polo is the most extensive of any Canadian Water Polo personality in the history of the sport.

His outstanding contribution has been felt in many capacities (athlete, coach, administrator, mentor, innovator, official, instructor, author, Talent-ID scout and volunteer) over six decades and 12 Olympic cycles (1965 to 2015 inclusive).

David has been the recipient of several prestigious Canadian sport awards and is a member of the McMaster University, Ontario Aquatic and Hamilton Sport Halls of fame.

As a coach he helped national teams capture eight international medals. He is the only Canadian to have worked with all six men's and women's national team programs and the first to have coached a foreign national team (Brazil).

As a leader and innovator he is recognized as the architect of several of the most significant water polo programs over the past 50 years including: The Canadian Water Polo League, The Canadian Water Polo Dream Team, The Legacy Coaching program and the I Love Water Polo program.
Rodrigo Rojas
Rodrigo Rojas, was born in Lima, Peru and moved to Vancouver when he was six-years-old. He began swimming at age 5 and at the age of 10 he started playing water polo with the Pacific Storm Water Polo club. Rodrigo has played a total of 11 National Championships (3-time Gold Medallist) and over 50 international games while a member of the Canadian National Team. Rodrigo is currently majoring in Commerce at Carleton University in the hopes of later owning his own business. While at school, Rodrigo continues to play water polo with the Carleton Ravens varsity team and in February 2014, he played for the Peruvian national team in a Four Nations tournament, where he was the team's leading scorer. The summer of 2014 Rodrigo was honoured to be named an assistant coach for Team Ontario.

Rodrigo is very energetic and likes to get in the water almost every time with the kids as he believes it helps with their learning and skill development. There is no doubt that Rodrigo carries the same passion for water polo as his father.
Veronica Rojas
Veronica Rojas, was born in Los Angeles, California but raised in Lima, Peru until age of 10 when the family moved to Vancouver. Once in Vancouver, Veronica started playing water polo with the Pacific Storm Water Polo club. Over the years Veronica has played in over 12 National Championships, has been a member of Team Ontario, and in 2011 she was also a member of the Women's National Team for athletes born in 1993.

Along with coaching for Capital Wave, Veronica was an assistant coach for Team Ontario in the summers of 2013 and 2014 and assistant coach for the Women's National Development Program.

Veronica continues to play water polo for the Carleton Ravens Women's varsity team, where she is majoring in a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology with a concentration in Law. She loves working with children of all ages, and her goal is to provide a positive-mentor role model for our young athletes, as well as help them grow in their water polo career by offering them guidance and expertise from her many experiences over the years.
Patrick Cauthers
Born in Ottawa, Patrick started swimming at age 11. Wanting to play a team sport, he joined the "I Love Water Polo" program. By the age of 13 he stopped swimming and devoted his time to competitive water polo where he played in two National Championships, including winning a silver medal at the 2008 National Championships in Vancouver. Once in unversity, Patrick continued to play water polo for the University of Ottawa Gee Gees competitive water polo team while completing his Bachelor of Music with specialisation in musical performance.

As a lifeguard and swim instructor, Patrick has experience teaching people of all ages and skill levels how to swim. In addition to teaching swimming, Patrick also has experience in teaching music, where he has given workshops and master classes in high schools. Patrick is currently working as a Musician in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Patrick believes that emphasis on good technique and proper practice methods are essential to success. "As a musician and as an athlete, I always try to achieve perfect technique. Once a technique is mastered, it provides the most efficient and reliable results. To develop perfect technique, it is our responsibility to always practise these skills at the highest level with high regards to fine details. Only then can we perform at the highest level of excellence."

Patrick looks forward to working with our athletes in the Initiation and Development programs.
Sarah Fraser
Sarah Fraser has many years of experience playing water polo at the high school, club, provincial, and the Junior National B team level in both Ontario and British Columbia. She currently plays with Capital Wave's adult recreational program and with the club's competitive masters team. A mother of two, Sarah coaches the Initiation and Splash Polo levels at Brewer Pool. Sarah aims to provide weekly activities that focus on fun in the water and building basic skills that kids can use for all aquatic activities.

Sarah's philosophy for coaching is that people learn best when they're having a fun in a safe and respectful environment – especially kids!
Meet Our Senior Athlete Volunteer Coaches

Capital Wave is fortunate to have a number of senior athletes available to help our coaching staff with our younger athletes. These volunteers are high school students who are members of our competitive team. Along with their many hours of training, their love for water polo brings them to the pool additional times through the week to share their love of the sport with our younger athletes.

Sean Legg
Ottawa native, Sean Legg began playing water polo at the age of nine as a way to keep in the water after completing the Lifesaving Society's Swimmer program. With its focus on individual strength and endurance, as well as team dynamics, he quickly determined water polo was "his" sport. He is currently a member of Capital Wave's competitive boys team. Sean has always enjoyed working with younger kids and hopes to instill a love of the game, as well as the values of hard work, team spirit, and good sportsmanship in the athletes he works with. An honours student, Sean is currently enrolled in the High Performance Athlete program at John McCrae Secondary School. He has his Bronze Cross and Standard First Aid with CPR, and intends to complete his National Lifeguard certification once he is 16.
Claire Allerton
Claire Allerton was born in Mississauga but raised in Ottawa. She began playing water polo at the age of nine. After two years of pre-competitive, Claire transitioned to the competitive stream where she has played for the past five years. To date Claire has played in three national championships and several provincial tournaments. As well as coaching for Capital Wave, Claire also works with kids enrolled in after school programs at the Dovercourt Recreation Centre. Claire is certified in standard first aid, CPR and the High-five principles for healthy child development. In coaching, Claire wishes to pass on her experiences and her love for the game with the kids she currently coaches and hopes to continue to work with kids in the future.
Katie Allerton
Katie Allerton, born in Mississauga, is a grade eleven student at Immaculata High School, is a goalie in Capital Wave's Competitive program and has six years of water polo experience. Katie was twice chosen as a member of Canada's Youth National Team, training in Montreal and California in 2012 and 2013. Katie has played for both the Ontario and BC provincial teams. Katie enjoys mentoring younger players and helps coach the Initiation and Development programs.
Greg Fritz-Németh
Born in Ottawa, Gregory Fritz-Németh started playing water polo at the age of 8. With many years of experience, Greg enjoys helping out at younger players' practices. He has participated in National Championships and many provincial tournaments. In coaching, Greg is determined to help younger children reach their water polo goals.