13U & 15U Recreational House League

Born between 2007-2010

About our 13U & 15U Recreational House League Program

Our 13U & 15U Recreational House League Program is our kids and youth recreational water polo program for kids born between 2007 to 2010 (2011* Exceptios decided by the head coach based on skill level). Our 60-minute program continues to teach fundamental water polo skills, ball handling skills, followed by fun scrimmages. With emphasis on participation and fun, kids learn the fundamental skills and rules of the game at a young age, so they are able to continue to enter our recreational or competitive programs knowing what the sport is all about. Kids that have a passion for team sports, like the water, and love the dynamic aspects of the game, will love our recreational program. Our Recreational program is played in a deep pool where kids are not allowed to touch the bottom of the pool. They must be able to swim 50m unassisted and have a notion of treading water.

Covid-19 Update: Please note that all programming has been modified to ensure the safety of the athletes and the coaches.

“Our girls were born for the water. We wanted our girls to learn a team sport in the water so we chose Capital Wave’s PLAY! Polo program. Our decision was also based on their coaching staff and their method of training. It’s like watching hockey, but in the water. What kid doesn’t like to score multiple goals per game? We are extremely happy with our decision and with joining the Capital Wave Family!”


Core Benefits:

  • Develop water safety skills
  • Cultivate health and fitness
  • Sample a new sport for which you may have a special talent or passion for
  • Meet new friends in a safe, fun environment, that also teaches life lessons
  • Build endurance and muscle tone
  • Learn water polo basics designed by International and Olympic coaches

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