It is the goal of the coaching staff to have all of our 13U athletes swim 50m front crawl in under 40s.

We recently did a time trial and here are the results. We will be testing once a month.

1Max Barber36.98
2Skawennahawi Morgan-Miller37.91
3Stanley Anderson38.43
4Gillian Corkum38.63
5Odin Pall39.21
6Luca Roussin39.69
7Angus Mihailovic40.02
8Cara Sutherland40.03
9Naomi Jones40.94
10Jorge Davila Sanchez41.64
11Paige Jones42.31
12Holden Spencer43.52
13Abigail Brown44.43
14Yassin Abdelfattah44.99
15Maya Harada45.07
16Viola Scherer45.66
17Nolan Mihailovic46.07
18Jeremy Cote47.25
19Anthony D’Angelo58.55