Here is a list of 15 minute activities that you can do during the summer to improve yourself and to help your club – WAVE!

Take 15 minutes out of your long summer days to do some additional exercises and you’ll be ready to go in September.

Coaches have purposely given you a short list of activities focusing on what we all need to improve on as a club.

The activities are –

  • Squat to streamline jumps – become a gazelle off the blocks while also improving your explosiveness in water polo!
  • Maggie Steffens increase your shot power training – who doesn’t need a hard shot?
  • Playing catch – grab a friend, go to the park and throw a ball like it’s 1992.
  • Watch Olympic water polo and swimming – get an understanding of your sports by watching the best.
  • Core exercises – penguin toe taps, crunches and high plank to low plank will all improve your core, something that’s essential for both water polo and swimming.

Log your activity here –

Note to Parents

This is not mandatory. The desire to want to do 15 minutes of additional activity during the summer months has to come from your athlete. The coaching staff are providing this initiative to take out the guess work on what those 15 minutes of activity should look like.