Junior WAVES Coaches’ Update — Week 11 — 2021/2022

A weekly update from Coach Rodrigo and Coach Fraser The First Annual Yellow and Blue Gala will take place this Saturday during normal practice time - BUT, please check the PDF to see what session you are swimming in! GALA HEAT SHEET Swim Suits The swim suits should be here in time for the Yellow and Blue Gala. A pick-up time will be announced in the next 48 hours. Swimming Another good week in the pool. This time we were back to focusing on body roll for the front crawl and the backstroke. One of [...]

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Hello Junior Waves Families, Get ready for a special event on December 4 for our Junior Waves Athletes! It will be a showcase for our athletes' swimming skills as they swim a few events at our Brewer Pool.  Parents are welcome to attend but please keep it to 2 adults per child / siblings as space is limited. We're calling this event the 1st Annual Yellow and Blue Gala. The coaches will be splitting up our swimmers into two teams over the course of our usual two sessions on Saturday. Parents are encouraged to wear the team colours of their athletes. [...]

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Spectators at Brewer

Hello Junior Waves Families, I have some wonderful news! We are now allowed to have spectators at practices on Fridays and Saturdays at Brewer!! Here are the requirements from the facility: 1-2 volunteers per session (Fridays, Saturdays' early group and later group respectively) all spectators must check in with the parent volunteer(s) all spectators 12+ must be vaccinated (already in our system or show proof at the door) all spectators must complete the self assessment along with their athletes prior to arriving spectators will be asked to leave the building as the practice ends spectators will be asked to wait until [...]

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Spectators at Sawmill

Hello Junior Waves Families, We are now allowed to invite parents to watch practices at Sawmill Creek pool. Thank you to Dejan (Marko's Dad) for volunteering. If you wish to stay to watch practice, please check in with him before entering. As will all other CW events, parents must be fully vaccinated and follow all of the facilities' protocols. Please complete a self assessment along with your athlete prior to attending. If you have not already done so, please complete both the athletes and parents codes of conduct. The viewing stands are on the pool deck so please [...]

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Junior WAVES Coaches’ Update — Week 10 — 2021/2022

A weekly update from Coach Rodrigo and Coach Fraser On December 4, 2021 we are planning a fun event during our regular practice times. There will be a mini swim meet (sometimes called a Gala) for our swimmers. Each swimmer will swim 2 or 3 events (all one length of the pool) and we'll also have a relay or two. We are calling this event the First Annual Yellow and Gold Gala. More details coming. Swimming This past week it was breathing and breaststroke - two difficult aspects of swimming to master. Finding the right [...]

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Time Change: November 20th and 27th

Hello Junior Waves Families, Please note the following time changes for November 20th and 27th: Group 1: 6:15pm-7:30pm Group 2: 7:30pm-8:45pm. If you have a friend participating in the trial session, you are more than welcome to join them at 5:30pm for the session as well. Thanks, Lisa   Lisa Bloom Club Administrator Capital Wave  Swimming and Water Polo Club Mobile: 613-295-2300 lisa.bloom@capitalwave.ca www.capitalwave.ca

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2021 Wave-A-Thon Wrap-up

The second annual Capital Wave Wave-A-Thon was another great success for our club. This year we swam a total of 231,225 meters - that's quite an improvement on last year's number of 166,221 metres. Amazing! Close to $30,000 was raised thanks to the efforts of our athletes and the generosity of our supporters. Thank you! Fundraising Results The individual winners for the biggest fundraisers are - 1st - Holden Spencer ($1,571.96) - CW Bag, Sens tickets, + $50 Gift Card and [...]

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Bring a Friend/Trial Sessions

Hello CW Families, We will be holding our famous "Bring a Friend/Trial Sessions" for anyone born 2009-2014. Sessions will be held on Saturday November 20th and November 27th. If you know of anyone who is interested in joining our club, please pass this message along.  Information can be found on the website: https://ottawawaterpolo.com/free-trials/ They can contact the club directly at: info@capitalwave.ca

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Junior WAVES Coaches’ Update — Week 9 — 2021/2022

A weekly update from Coach Rodrigo and Coach Fraser Save the date: December 4, 2021. We are planning an event for that day. More details to come. Swimming Streamline was the focus again for our swimmers and the improvement from the first time we worked on streamline was very noticeable. We are swimming straighter! We also started butterfly at the Saturday practice with a series of drills. It's a stroke that's dependent on rhythm and that's what we will continue to focus on - the timing of the two kicks per stroke is essential to [...]

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Wave-a-thon 2021 – Records were made and broken!

Congratulations to all the Capital Wave athletes who participated in this year's Wave-a-thon. A special nod of recognition goes out to the athletes who either set new records or broke existing records for the most amount of laps. The 2021 records 30 Minute Swim CW Records 2010 Teagan Meredith 54 2011 Naya Laggis 52 2012 Emilio Cameron 48 2013 Emilio Cameron 48 2014 Auguste Hagedorn 28   45 Minute Swim CW Records 2003+ Rodrigo Rojas 132 2004 William Landstrom 125 2005 William Landstrom 125 2006 Brooklyn Plomp 117 2007 Charlie Anderson 114 2008 Charlie Anderson 114 [...]

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