Wasn’t that fun?

Chaotic, yes, but lots of fun!

It was our first tournament in two years and the excitement in the stands and in the pool was palpable. For many, it was their first ever tournament and there was a lot to learn.

There were so many highlights, that we might as well just create a big list.

But first, congratulations to everyone who took part and to the coaches and parents that helped to make it happen. 

So, here’s my list of highlights, please feel free to add your own below in the comments!

  1. The 13U A team playing with such spirit, getting better and better with each game. This was a hard road for many of these players but they kept on pushing and celebrated each and every goal, steal or good pass along the way. A special shout-out to Coaches Andy and Waneek for providing such great guidance and advice to these players. Water polo is a demanding sport and you all stepped up.
  2. The 11U teams for stealing the show at the tournament. The other teams now know that WAVE means business. WAVE is bringing fast and talented players to the pool and we want to win. We’re also the best dressed and behaved — model athletes.
  3. The 13U B team for that great game against the Mavericks on Saturday night. The crowd in the stands were entertained! What a tight game with lots of back and forth action including a beautiful tip shot goal from Stan (Fraser told me to put that in) and steal after steal from Naomi. We had two solid lines of players that could be counted on, and it showed. We’ll get them next time!
  4. The 15U boys and girls teams for pushing the cross-town team Titans in exciting games.
  5. The coffee, the donuts, the Coke. Repeat.


Rodrigo Rojas
Head Coach Water Polo