Thanks to all that attended the Parent / Athlete information night with me and Lisa. I hope you found it informative.

I will build a FAQ list from the topics covered and the questions asked. Should you have a question that was not covered in the information session, the best way to reach us is by email at and we will try to answer within 24 hours.

Once the first few swim meets and tournaments are under our collective belts, everyone can breathe a sigh and reminisce about simpler times. Entering into a competitive program is an adjustment for the athlete and the extended family and we’re here to help.

Competition Calendar

The competition calendar for the Fall has been posted to the Tournament / Meet Information page. It’s saved as a PDF and is at the top of the page. Keen observers will notice that we have dropped out of the NKB meet due to the conflicting water polo tournament in Montreal. The tournament director for the Montreal event is allowing us to enter multiple teams so we will be taking advantage of this. Please remember, that tournament directors do change their minds and simply scoff at the ensuing chaos when they do so.

We will also be adding one more informal event that we are calling a Mini-Loo on Saturday, October 21. The Mini-Loo will start at 5:30 and we’ll be extending our practice time at Brewer until 8:30. The Minis and the JWs will be invited to practice together and race, probably for cupcakes (at least that’s the rumour). We’ll make it fun so bring grandma and get ready to cheer.

Swim Officials

In the last 30 or so years, a lot of pools were built without stands. I can’t think why, but it’s a shame. The end result for parents is that there are some meets where it’s difficult to see your athlete swim. This is not the case for water polo tournaments since they are at large pools in Toronto and Montreal with stands and topical ventilation systems.

The best way to rectify this is to become an official. The first step of the ladder is to train as a timer. In the next few months watch for notices about training to become an official. It can be fun and you’ll also be able to enjoy the buffet spreads that every official gets to partake in at the swim meets!


We started with the basics last week – streamline. Ask your athlete to show you their best streamline. They should be on their tippy toes with their biceps (maybe not quite big enough at this point) covering their ears and their hands placed one on top of the other. You should not be able to get a piece of paper between their biceps and ears.

This week, the lanes will be in for all groups and the real training begins. Be ready with chocolate milk for after the training.

Life is better in the water.

Coach Fraser