“Just give me the names of the kids that work hard.”

That’s what our former Head Coach Emeritus David Hart said to me a couple of weeks ago at the Paul Taylor Water Polo tournament. Some of you may remember David, some of you may have never heard his name.  (Wikipedia entry)

David is now the High Performance Advisor for Ontario Water Polo (read more about that here). He went to that tournament to scout for players for the Ontario Water Polo team (they will be competing against other Provinces in July) and to see future top performers in action. He told me he was not interested solely in the top goal scorers; but, rather the ones that paid attention in practice, knew how important it was to have strong legs and always worked hard.

It was in that spirit that I handed out November’s Athletes of the Month for November. Congratulations to Yana (JWA) and Lucas (13U).


WAVE does not do report cards. Saying that, the coaching staff are constantly doing evaluations using the Progression and Development guidelines.

Please remember that most athletes do not move up during the year.

Please consult the Capital WAVE Swim and Polo Progression and Development document (LINK) for more information.

Perth Candy Cane

Always touch with two hands.

As we all wait patiently for the official results, I’d like to commend everyone on their swims on Saturday morning. It was a great team performance and a lot of fun. Our strokes and turns are starting to get better – although there will still a couple of one-hand touches in the breaststroke.

We also had some great debut swims from Lucas, Olivia and Justin. Well done.

I hope everyone had fun and we’ll be sure to return to that meet next year.


And then we had the Boog-A-Loo on top of all the fun at Perth. Thanks to all the volunteers, parent swimmers, bake sale organizers, Coach Mickey and Lisa for putting on a great event. Please keep an eye on all the announcements regarding these important developmental events and remember to sign-up.

The next Boog-A-Loo dates will be announced soon. Another swim club has expressed interest in participating so we may have some guests!

Friday games against the Titans

There are two NCL (17U) games against the Ottawa Titans this coming Friday at Carleton University. The coaching staff encourage all families to watch and support WAVE as we rarely play the Titans in Ottawa. It’s a great opportunity to see water polo as it should be played.

  • Boys play at 6:20
  • Girls play at 7:30

Boog-A-Loo Gallery