As we enter into this new year the focus switches to water polo. The meat of the water polo season happens between now and the beginning of May. Of course, there is still lots of swimming and WAVE will continue to focus on smaller meets to continue our development.

In order to help you plan the months ahead, consider the following:

  • The NKB Winter Invitational and GSH Invitational are for more seasoned swimmers. These are not good meets for first time swimmers. Novice athletes should attend the meets in Petawawa, Perth, Brockville and Belleville for a better experience. Experienced swimmers should prioritize the GSH meet.
  • If you are not attending the Forest City Invitational, you should attend the Petawawa Cabin Fever meet (13U, JWs and MINI A).
  • If you are not selected to participate in a Provincial level tournament or Easterns, you should attend a swim meet if there is one on that weekend (Perth Maple, Petawawa Vimy Ridge)
  • All athletes (JWB and above) are invited to attend the meets in June in Brockville and Belleville. Belleville takes priority, both meets are a fun way to end the season.

The full competition calendar will be out soon. It can be overwhelming and should you have any questions, please reach out to

Petawawa Cabin Fever

As mentioned above, you are to prioritize attending the Petawawa meet if you are not making the trip to the Forest City Invitational. There will be limited training opportunities for athletes remaining in Ottawa.

Here’s the latest update about the meet from the host club:

This year, we will be holding a two-session, single day meet to allow for travelling clubs and families to arrive later for non-distance events, acknowledging that travel can be challenging this time of year. Please also note that there is some potential for a staff strike at the pool, and while we hope for a speedy resolution so that this will not affect our programming, we will be sure to keep you posted should our ability to host be postponed or cancelled due to pool staffing.

WAVE will be keeping an eye on this development and we all hope that the meet is not cancelled.

The Cabin Fever meet is an excellent meet for those new to swimming and for anyone looking for a fun day of competition. The meet will have distance events in the morning and then start again at noon for a variety of events including 25M races (perfect for Mini As) and relays.

Club Advancement Standards

The recent development of releasing athlete assessments for JWs and MiniAs has been generally well received. If you did not receive an assessment, please check your Spam folder. You and your athlete should become familiar with our Progression and Development document (PDF) as it provides a clear outline of the advancement guidelines. It’s important that athletes of the same level, train together.


Please remember to bring all of your equipment to the pool. Swim practices involve more ball work during polo season.


Life’s always better in the water,