Somebody got a Twinkie!

I hope everyone had fun at the ROC ‘N’ WAVE event this past Friday night. We hope to do this again soon with ROCS. The coaches will be sure to balance out the teams a touch better this time around and make time for more relays. These kind of events are good for the young ones to get some experience before heading to an official swim meet.

Here’s a note from Coach Bruce of ROCS:

Thank you so much for the great swim meet!! The ROCS swimmers and their parents were very, very pleased, and I received many positive comments and even thank you emails for the ROC ‘n WAVE experience! I am thanking you, not only for myself, but for the whole ROCS family who attended.
Please thank all of your staff, parents and volunteers who, with you, made this event possible. Everyone was so welcoming, enthusiastic and efficient.
Yes, for sure, I would love to do it again!

This week the training focus for swimming is breathing. Being able to control your breathing and the position of your head is vital to success.  The top of the head must lead the way, with your eyes pointing down to the bottom of the pool in order to create a small pocket of air just next to your shoulder. Without this pocket, you are tilting your head and going off course and negatively affecting your hand entry. VIDEO

The focus for water polo is, and always will be at this age, legs.  Proper whip kick and egg beater are fundamental to being able to play water polo. If your athlete is struggling with whip kick/egg beater have them practice the motion 100 times on their bed every night. Watch this video with your athlete for exercizes that you can do at home – the final exercize against the wall can be done on a bed, just before lights out.

NKB Winter Invitational

The NKB Winter Invitational is upon us. This will be a good competitive experience for our swimmers and another chance to improve their times and qualify for the Regional Championships happening in February.

There are theme days for this meet –

  • Friday is Hollywood Day, add a little movie star glamour to your team gear!
  • Saturday is Jungle Day, bring a little wild to your style!
  • Sunday is Beach Party Day for fun in the sun (and imaginary sand between your toes!)

Coach Fraser and Coach Sam will be on deck for this meet.

Competition Calendar

The competition calendar has been updated and can be found at this link – COMPETITON CALENDAR (PDF)

Please take a look at the text following the calendar as it explains what tournaments and swim meets are a priority. There are some weeks where there is a swim meet and a water polo tournament and as we prepare for championship season for water polo it’s important that you are ready to compete in the right events.


The Regional team will be finalized on January 22. All qualifiers are expected to attend the meet that is taking place at the NSPLX on February 2. The only exception is those athletes competing at the NCL Water Polo tournament. Qualifying times are posted here – LINK.


I hope everyone saw that the Petawawa meet is now later on in the day. The organizers put the 100 FR in the morning. So, most of us will be there all day. Not a bad place to be, perhaps we can do a team lunch. I will investigate.

Life is better in the water,

Coach Fraser