The most important part of a swim meet – hanging out with friends

What a great performance from our WAVE athletes this past weekend.

Gold for the 15U Boys in an exciting shoot-out win and Silver for the 15U Girls at the water polo tournament in Vancouver. What a great experience for those athletes lucky enough to attend.

Back here in Ottawa, the NKB Winter Invitational swim meet was also a big success. Many of our younger athletes not only improved their times, they also showed great composure in such a crowded and busy meet. And there were hardly any missed events!

A special shout out to the new Regional Championship qualifiers – Elyse and Addison. They will join 9 other athletes who have already qualified. The meet also saw young Adrien qualify for Festivals in the 100 BR. Well done Adrien! Adrien will join Nicole in Toronto for the big meet in a month’s time.

For the complete list, see this post. (LINK) All qualifiers are expected to attend the meet that is taking place at the NSPLX on February 2. The only exception is those athletes competing at the NCL Water Polo tournament.

And to all those athletes that just missed qualifying…not to worry, there’s another Regional Championships in June (also at NSPLX). Set your sights on that meet and always look to improve at each and every practice.

The Start of the Sprint Sessions

I look forward to coaching athletes in the upcoming Sprint Sessions. How important is being fast?

Swim times are actually really important to college coaches. Some of the first questions that are on college water polo applications are swim times. This helps coaches understand a segment of the athlete’s skills. It’s not a complete deal breaker if the athlete doesn’t have the required swim times but it’s a huge factor for the coach. The main reason why they are important is keeping up in swim sets. College water polo athletes swim A LOT of yards and if you are left behind on the sets, you aren’t going to be on the team for long. Plus college water polo games are much faster paced than high school, every lap up and down the pool is an all out sprint.


A friend of mine also sent me one of those inspirational coach speeches on Insta the other day. The coach’s message was simple. The difference between a good athlete and a great athlete is the great athlete does not get tired. These sprint sessions are designed just for that.


The Predators will be serving / selling pizza or something similar between the two sessions of the Petawawa swim meet. There’s also a Tim’s nearby. The Predators are looking forward to being our hosts and seeing our Minis in action.

We will also be visiting Petawawa again on May 4th. Lots of exciting things – other than the races – are being planned.

Competition Calendar

The competition calendar has been updated and can be found at this link – COMPETITON CALENDAR (PDF)

Please take a look at the text following the calendar as it explains what tournaments and swim meets are a priority. There are some weeks where there is a swim meet and a water polo tournament and as we prepare for championship season for water polo it’s important that you are ready to compete in the right events.

Life is better in the water,

Coach Fraser