Members of the 13U Provincial Defending Champions team won gold and gave a master class in water polo 101

The Good – Another successful weekend for WAVE

True grit was shown by our WAVE athletes this past weekend in Montreal. The 13U teams truly represented the core training values of WAVE; a commitment to speed, solid defense (esp. Goalies) and athleticism. The result was that our 13Us dominated against teams of their own level.

The Boys put in a truly memorable performance against the Toronto team, showing again that speed and skill – and TOP QUALITY goal tending – always win the day.

I asked the Girls to be as annoying as possible and to keep their hips up against the other Ottawa team and they did just that. The Girls had to put aside their last game – another truly memorable game against Shadow – and dominated. Always remember that the two most powerful words in the English language are OVER and NEXT.

There was a lot of progression from all of our athletes. A special shout out to our 13U Team 3. Hugo’s solid performance in goal and Sebastian G’s ability to learn new skills on the pool deck and implement these skills immediately in a game got the attention of all the coaches. Well done Team 3.

Thank you for all the support of our athletes and our coaches.

The Bad – Hands to ourselves and changing room behaviour

Athletes must keep their hands to themselves during swim practices and when it’s not part of water polo training. Athletes that do not respect others personal space will be sat out.

The behaviour in the changing rooms is also becoming an issue.

Let’s be clear – changing rooms are not the domain of coaches.

If athletes continue to cause disruptions in the changing rooms we will have to implement a rota for parent supervision. The club can not lose valuable pool time due to poor behaviour.

The Ugly? Homework for Sprint Sessions

The sprint sessions got off to a start last week.

I did give the athletes home work – 50 jump squats to streamline per night (VIDEO) and to bring me a list of their times, their favourite stroke and their favourite event.

Let’s see if they remembered!

Please remember to bring all your equipment including balls and paddles to each and every sprint session.


I will be submitting the entries for Petawawa in the next couple of days and posting them to the website. We have close to 40 athletes attending the meet. Coaches Mickey and Sam will join me at the pool.

We’re looking forward to a great day of racing and making some memories, especially for those attending their very first swim meet.

Competition Calendar

The competition calendar has been updated and can be found at this link – COMPETITON CALENDAR (PDF)

Please take a look at the text following the calendar as it explains what tournaments and swim meets are a priority. There are some weeks where there is a swim meet and a water polo tournament and as we prepare for championship season for water polo it’s important that you are ready to compete in the right events.

Life is better in the water,

Coach Fraser