Connecting the legs, arms and body

We’re working on moving the entire body through the water this week. That means using the glide, not rushing things and not just moving your arms and legs but your entire body.

Take a look at this video with your athlete and see if it resonates.

It can be hard in your first year of swimming to make this connection. It takes being able to relax in the water and proper breathing technique, in particular not holding your breath. But, it will come.

GSH Meet and Festivals

Life is always better in a limited edition toque

The joy of getting a PB? Or just hanging out with friends?

Some fantastic swims this past weekend. I sure wish I could have seen that 10U FR relay…looks like it was a nail-biter.

Congratulations to all the WAVE swimmers this past weekend taking part in Festivals and the Sheri Ohlman meets.

WAVE hopes to return to Festivals in June with more swimmers. So, talk to your coach and set some goals!

Some new club records: Yana 50 and 100 BK and 100 FR; Adrien 100 BR; Ariane 100 BK; Siena 50 BK; Chiara 1500 FR; Charlie 50 FL; Nathan 800 FR; Stanley 100 FR and 100 BR and 50 FL; Luca 1500 FR and 50 and 100 BK; Justin 400 FR and 50 BK and 50 FL.

And some massive time improvements from Sadie, Brie, Adele, Albert, Dany, Chiara, Orion, Marko, Lucas, Jayden, Vivienne, Nathan, Francois, Will, Andrii, Maelle, Clara, Aline, Hugo. Congratulations to all!

We’re taking a break from swim meets until early April since there’s a lot of water polo to play in the coming months. WAVE will return to Peth and Petawawa ready to take on our friendly rivals in the Spring.


Lisa and I are wrapping our heads around how to make the next edition of our BoogaLoo – The TwinkieLoo – a memorable one. There will be a lot of athletes there – probably close to 100 including some Arnprior BlueFish – so we’re looking at extending the time. We’re also looking to get some pizza for this event and Paige and Friends are having a fundraiser for the Maddy Kort fund.

There’s also a rumour of a Roll-The-Dice Fly shoot-out between Aline and Siena.

…and then there’s the Cannonball.

So much fun to be had.

Best Display competition

We’ve had some great entries to the Best Display competition. If you’d like to submit your entry, please fill out the following form –

The winner will be announced at the TwinkieLoo.

Life is better in the water,

Coach Fraser