From the feedback received, it seems that the Petawawa meet was another successful outing for our 13Us, JWs and some of our Mini As! Thanks to Coach Ahmed and Coach Mickey for being there as I was still testing positive and symptomatic from COVID. I look forward to hearing from the athletes themselves on how they enjoyed the meet, especially if it was their first OFFICIAL meet.

And what does that mean exactly, OFFICIAL? Well, lots. Your times now count and can be used for official record keeping by Swim Canada. Don’t believe me? Check this out from the Swim Canada web site …

All you have to do is go to and search for your athlete’s name.

We will be going back to Petawawa in May. They have promised us a fun day of swimming and other activities as well. I know I’ll be stopping in Cobden after this tidbit from a parent –

If you have to go again. Jo’s sourdough bakery in Cobden is a must stop to make. Maybe both ways!
I might go back just for her sour dough cinnamon buns and coffee!!

If anyone has any pics of their Minis and their big debut, please send them to

Athletes of the Month for January


Arlo for quite possibly being the fastest 6 year old on the planet (LINK) and for always believing me when I tell him that I’ve turned up the temperature of the pool – that won’t last much longer, I think he’s on to me.


Sebastian Galdo for what’s between his ears…and his ears. Moments after being taught how to spin an opponent on the pool deck, Sebastian jumped in the water and performed the task on live opposition in Montreal. His listening skills are second to none. The coaches were so impressed they moved him up to 13U. One to watch.


Caitlin Jowsey is our gatekeeper at 13U. Before someone is even considered for moving from JW to 13U, I always think, What would Caitlin do to them? Would it be fair to put them in the same pool as Caitlin? 

In boxing, there’s always a gatekeeper to the heavyweight division. If you want to make the big money against the top fighters you had to beat the gatekeeper first. Growing up it was guys with names like Merciless Ray Mercer and Razor Ruddock. Not friendly names. We just need a name for Caitlin now.

There is no one tougher. No one. We see that over and over again at tournaments, at practices and at swim meets.

High School Water Polo

A group of parents is moving forward with plans to bring back water polo to high schools in the coming years. This is a difficult task that requires your support. You can start by filling out this form –

And then pass on the information to your friends and colleagues. This won’t happen by itself.

Goulburn Sea Hawks meet – Expect more changes!

I have just received word that they are allowing swimmers to swim 4 events per day, plus a relay. The previous limit was 3. They are also removing the boys 10&U FR relay (we were the only entrant) and instead putting on a mixed relay event for the 10&U FR relay. So, expect some juggling.

The entries that are posted to the website may see some updates based on this new information. Look for some changes tomorrow to the entries.

There are no good viewing areas at this pool. This is not a pool that I would recommend if you want to bring older adults or young siblings. I will not be in attendance as I am in Toronto for Festivals with Nicole, Adrien and Yana. Coaches Ahmed, Lilly and Samantha will be there.

And finally — a competition

WAVE would like to see how your medals and ribbons are displayed in your room. I hear rumours of some great displays out there. Best entry wins a very large Toblerone bar. Submit your entry here –

Life is better in the water,

Coach Fraser