Be Prepared

Coaching at Ottawa U can be a challenge at times. It’s very loud. I will probably be using a mic for the next practice.

One important factor that would make Ottawa U practices that much better for everyone is having the athletes bring all of their equipment.

There are athletes without goggles, without paddles, without pull buoys, without fins. The coaching staff cannot be dealing with individual requests and questions regarding missing equipment. Majority rules in this case and we must lead practice for those that are ready.

Please come prepared. Consult the equipment list on the Junior Wave pages of this web site.


The Meet Package for the TwinkieLoo will be released tomorrow.

Due to the number of athletes there will be 3 or 4 events and a relay.

We will also have two special events. Firstly, a possible 200M Butterfly competition between Siena and Aline (and 4 others if they should decide to partake) and secondly an Eliminator Race between the top 6 50M FR swimmers. All will be revealed tomorrow.

Best Display competition

We’ve had some great entries to the Best Display competition. This year’s winner is Adrien from JWA. See the post (LINK).

Life is better in the water,

Coach Fraser