TwinkieLoo and The Ambassadors

What a fantastic weekend to be with, quite possibly, the greatest Swim & Polo club in the world – WAVE!

First we hosted the Arnprior Bluefish where they all got a lesson in Mickey’s 3 Rules of Water Polo. The Bluefish did quite well and caught on to the sport very quickly. Thanks to Coach Elena for bringing her crew down the valley to visit us here in Ottawa.

And then it was on to Brewer for the TwinkieLoo. Although there seemed to be a shortage of Twinkies (to my liking, anyway) there was a lot of fun to be had. Some amazing swims from our swimmers and from our guests from Arnprior. I think we might need a Twinkie Cannon – just a random thought.

Highlights and thankyous:

  • Kudos to the 200 Fly swimmers, Aline, Siena and Hugo. They showed great endurance and will power to finish that race. I hear a rematch is being planned!
  • All of our fly swims were looking better
  • Coach Sam, Coach Griffin, Coach Kaitie and Coach Jenna for earning every penny in their pay package for delivering your athletes to the blocks. If it was up to me there would be a little extra this month; perhaps, a Twinkie?
  • Kelly for being on the ball and being able to spot the finishes of the Eliminator races with such prowess.
  • The Lounge Ladies for putting on a spread to remember.
  • Paige and Crew (and Lil) for raising over $1100 for the Maddy Kort Fund
  • Andrew for securing a wonderful cake to raffle off
  • Kathryn for the cotton candy and popcorn. Although, people, eating cotton candy between races???
  • Louise for the stickers, jiblets and the sale of more Fundraising tickets for our upcoming special event.
  • The new sound system came through and let us fully appreciate Mickey. More than a few compliments on the patter.
  • The officials and timers for their patience and ability to stay away from the Twinkies
  • And, of course the Team Leads and Lisa…for making these big events happen!

I have yet to hear the details on how the Minis did. I heard that they ran ahead of time…so, that’s a good sign!

I would like to share with everyone the one exchange with an athlete that stood out. One that I won’t soon forget.

After young Norah completed her 50 BR race, I congratulated her and told her that she swam well.

She looked at me matter-of-factly and said:

But, did you see Ariane? She was so fast! She was freakin’ AWESOME!

I guess I am now committed to at least another 8 years of coaching.

The Hostess Cup

Our fun little scrimmage yesterday was full of drama and ups and downs. The Honey Buns were the eventual winners. What I did see was some much better movement with the ball and far less crowding.

I think we are in good shape for the upcoming tournaments in March and April.

And congratulations to the 13U girls for playing with such heart yesterday against the boys. Today’s 13U swim practice should be interesting.

Petawawa and Perth

Talking about commitment, the commitment forms for the Petawawa and Perth swim meets will be coming out this week.

The MINI As can attend Petawawa but will require additional insurance if it’s their second meet. It’s the cost of doing business.

Life is better in the water,

Coach Fraser