It’s been a busy few weeks since my last update – California, Shadow Cup and lots more.

11U Provincials

As the defending 11U Provincial Champions, WAVE has a lot on the line this coming weekend. Coach Rodrigo was putting our team through some final paces this past weekend in preparation and the good news is that we have a strong, experienced core of players that are ready for the challenge. We also have some new players, who only started in September, that are showing great promise and poise.

The key to success is knowing not to crowd the centre, to come back on defense, and to use our speed!

Please remember that fair playing time does not mean equal playing time when it comes to Provincial Championships. 

Let’s bring the banner home!

Petawawa and Perth

Perth is all set for this coming weekend. We have about 20 athletes going to the meet since WAVE is participating in the 11U and 15U Provincials this coming weekend.

The May 4th meet in Petawawa is full. WAVE has 60 athletes attending that meet, so it’s going to be a great time for all of us making the trip up the Valley. On that note, I did have one parent ask if we would ever consider renting a bus for our one-day meets to Petawawa, Belleville, Brockville… What are your thoughts?

WAVE is a club

It’s important for the families of our younger athletes to know that by joining WAVE you are committing to a club. We are much more than an activity that you might have partaken in at your local recreation facility.

For most of you it will be a long term commitment. The club expects good attendance and behaviour and in return will provide guidance for your athlete’s skill progression and develop their understanding of water polo and swimming. It’s a journey.

The club is structured in such a way so as to also provide valuable lessons in teamwork,  competition and good sportsmanship. These are all skills that may not be uniquely developed within a club environment, but would certainly be harder to develop with any weekly activity.

For a club to work we must have committed coaches, committed parents and committed athletes.

It is to the benefit of the club to have parents that want to understand the sport; want to support the coaches; and, know that the coaches have the best interest of their athletes at heart knowing that it must always be balanced with the needs of the club.

It is important that we continue to foster a good relationship between parents, athletes and coaches to allow for our athletes to be the best that they can be and for our young people to be a part of something bigger than themselves – something that we have lost in recent years.

Thank you for continuing commitment to our club – WAVE.

Life is better in the water,

Coach Fraser