WAVE medaled in all age categories this past weekend – that is something to celebrate.

Consider that:

  • It is the first time our 15U Boys team has ever medaled in Provincials in the history of our club and were one goal away from the Gold medal match. The Boys will need to regroup and lift their collective spirits to get the job done at Easterns. They can compete with the Gold and Silver medal winners.
  • The 15U Girls played with heart and conviction against a tough team from Shadow and only lost by a goal. They are now more determined than ever to prepare for Easterns. WAVE is the defending Champions.
  • The 11Us continue to be the most talented team in the water but, unfortunately, this one slipped away. With the age group next year most likely being 12U, this same team will be one year older, wiser, stronger and faster.  The commitment is there.

The hardest lesson to learn for all of our athletes, no matter what the age, is that they are a part of something bigger. I spoke about this in my last post. At Provincials, the team’s needs trump the individual’s and this can cause ruffles.

In this day and age, this is foreign to a lot of us. Just look at the numbers attending church or attending organizations like the cub scouts – all on the decline. But, there is always a need to belong to something. The corporate world tried to fill that emptiness with corporate culture, corporate retreats and corporate training but most of us can see through that as it only benefits the bottom line.

It’s important that our athletes know that they can belong to something bigger that is of benefit to themselves and to others – a team, a sport, an aquatic life. WAVE will always strive to be a team that is built on meaningful and lasting relationships that are rooted in respect, empathy and reflection so that sense of belonging is fulfilled, remembered and carried forward.

Petawawa, Brockville and Belleville

Perth is done and dusted. You can see the results here.

The May 4th meet in Petawawa is full. WAVE has 60 athletes attending that meet, so it’s going to be a great time for all of us making the trip up the Valley. On that note, I did have one parent ask if we would ever consider renting a bus for our one-day meets to Petawawa, Belleville, Brockville… What are your thoughts? Let us know by filling out this survey.

Speaking of Brockville and Belleville, you can sign up for these meets now –

I encourage you to participate in both meets. They are both fun meets with the Brockville meet including a BBQ and the Belleville meet has milkshakes and Papa John’s.

The Belleville meet is our only 2-day swim meet. It’s an important one for our club as Belleville has always been a keen supporter of our club and appreciates our mission to build aquatic athletes. Look for hotel details soon. One day entries will not be accepted as we have a team bonding meal on Friday night – something I am quite fervent about.

Life is better in the water,

Coach Fraser