Bring on the Bay – Stop thinking about it and just do it

Age group changes

Yes, it seems like it’s going to happen and there will be 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U and 18U next year.

10U should be interesting and will probably require Twinkies.

This means if you’re the top of the age group this season, you will be again next season. It’s like a bonus year of being top dawg.

In order to facilitate these changes, we will have scrimmages, skills sessions and swim trials for those athletes born in 2007 to 2011 to see if they are in contention to train with the 16U/18U training group in the fall. Watch for details on these sessions in May as they will be happening in early June.

Desperately seeking a Meet Manager

Speaking of next season, WAVE is looking for a Meet Manager. The club wants to start hosting meets at Brewer next season – probably starting with a small internal meet or a head-to-head meet. This is a volunteer position that would require a person that loves to organize, deal with rules, handle people, solve problems and basically be in charge. Being able to pull off the colour red is also a bonus. We do have a few very qualified officials in our midst who I am sure would love to assist as well.

If you are interested, please let me know.

13U Provincials

As we head into the final weeks before 13U Provincials, the coaching team will be putting emphasis on training and conditioning for water polo at all practices.  I will be speaking to the athletes tomorrow before practice on team selection and preparedness – do not be late.


Evaluations of Junior WAVE and Mini A athletes will continue this week. So far my spreadsheet has a lot less red. We’ll send out the results at the end of April.


The summer programming is starting to fill up. We will open registration to those outside of our club on May 1.

We are still finalizing the details for our semi-private swim lessons, thank you for your patience.

Whether you are training this summer with WAVE or not, Summer is the perfect time to continue your development. Make a plan to continue to swim and to develop your arm strength.

While I always recommend throwing a baseball, here are two videos that are water polo specific on improving your passing and shooting –

Upcoming meets

Sign up for these meets now –

I encourage you to participate in both meets. They are both fun meets with the Brockville meet including a BBQ and the Belleville meet has milkshakes and Papa John’s Pizza. We are not participating in the NKB meet in May.

Coaches are also using these meets to gauge speed improvements for the season.

The Belleville meet is our only 2-day swim meet. It’s an important one for our club as Belleville has always been a keen supporter of our club and appreciates our mission to build aquatic athletes. One day entries will not be accepted as we have a team bonding meal on Friday night.

Fun night with Perth Stingrays

The Perth Stingrays, including the Insta-Famous Mini Rays, have been invited to our last Boog-a-Loo of the year happening on May 25th at Brewer.

All groups from WAVE are invited to attend – although the NCL girls will be in Montreal for Nationals. Look for a sign-up sheet early next week for volunteers.

The gala will start at 5:30 and end at 9:00 PM. From 5:30 to 7:00, all MINIs and JWBs will be racing. From 7 – 9:00 will be the older crew.

A sign-up sheet for volunteers will be circulated soon. Once again, the Lounge will be hopping with baked goods and pizza and possibly an auction or two. The money raised will be going to the Team Tournament Fund.

The theme for this Boog-a-loo is The Need for Speed. So, look for lots of Tom Cruise themed events and bring your Ray Bans.

Open Water

Open water season is almost upon us.  Registration for The Bring on the Bay swim is now open. Please enter WAVE as your team when you register.

WAVE had a great turnout last year with some of us even reaching the top of the podium, just saying.

Life is better in the water,

Coach Fraser