The best that AI could come up. All artists can breathe a sigh of releif.

Thank you to everyone for making their intentions known for next year. Going on the results of the survey, WAVE has about a 97% retention rate.

Here is an excellent article on why retention rate is very important to a club –

The article touches on something I talked about in a previous post, about being a part of something bigger.

What can you do to focus on athlete retention? Most of all, it is about creating an environment where people feel like they belong, parents and athletes alike.

That focus will continue to be a priority for WAVE.


I hope everyone is ready for a full day of racing tomorrow. It should be a fun meet with lots of WAVE swimmers ready to take over the meet, and eat some Star Wars inspired meals.


Please have your athlete’s arm marked up and ready. There are no heat sheets yet. But as soon as I get them they will be posted to the website.

Coaches in attendance are myself, Samantha and Jnr Coach Charlie Anderson (very much related). Coach Charlie will be getting to know WAVE’s younger athletes this summer as she will be one of the coaches for the 1:1 swim training that is now open for registration on Amilia.

Fun night with Perth Stingrays – the final Boog-A-Loo of 2024

The Perth Stingrays have started to sign up for the Need For Speed Boog-A-Loo. Little do they know they’re heading into the Danger Zone.

The Stingrays will be bringing baked goods (and then we’ll take them to the Danger Zone – yes, I enjoy Archer).

All groups from WAVE are invited to attend.

The gala will start at 5:30 and end at 9:00 PM. From 5:30 to 7:00, all MINIs and JWBs will be racing. From 7 – 9:00 will be the older crew.

A sign-up sheet for volunteers will be circulated soon. Once again, the Lounge will be hopping with baked goods and pizza and possibly Cocktails, I mean, Mocktails. The money raised will be going to the Team Tournament Fund.

The theme for this Boog-a-loo is The Need for Speed.

Upcoming meets

Sign up for these meets now –

Brockville is just about full and Belleville is starting to fill up.

Parents will have their own lounge in Belleville, the Fireplace Room, on the Friday to chill in courtesy of the club.

The coaches are staying at the Hampton Inn in Belleville on the Friday night. I am still trying to arrange for a block of rooms and hope to hear back next week. It is a busy time of year since it’s wedding season in Prince Edward County. There are lots of rooms in Napanee, about 20 minutes closer to home on the 401.

Water Bottles

The sharing of water bottles amongst athletes has to stop. The amount of practice time lost to illness has never been greater and while I am not a doctor, sharing water bottles cannot be helping this situation.

Any athlete flaunting this rule may be asked to leave practice.

Open Water

I know I am itching to get in again and probably will on the long weekend, so it’s now open water season for some.

Registration for The Bring on the Bay swim is now open. Please enter WAVE as your team when you register.

If it’s your first time swimming in an open water event, try the 1.5K. If you already have a 1.5K race under year belt, congrats, you’re ready for 3K.

Life is better in the water,

Coach Fraser