At the Provincial level, WAVE medaled in all age categories this season.

This past weekend the 13U Girls repeated as champions and the Co-Ed team captured silver. An amazing achievement for WAVE.

This is a testament to our program. This is a testament to our coaches.

As I was a part of the co-ed team coaching staff, I’d like to share some of the behind the scenes interactions.

After the co-ed game against the Toronto team, Head Coach Rodrigo, who at this point was absolutely depleted,  still managed to ask me, “What did you think? Was there anything that we could have done differently?”

My response was, “No. You put on a masterclass performance.”

He certainly did and I will not forget that game any time soon primarily because of Rodrigo’s coaching and how much he physically and mentally put of himself into that game. I even warned Coach Owen beforehand of the intensity that was about to be put on display. I let Owen know that he had better be ready with a ball in hand when Coach Rodrigo swings around and yells, “Ball!”

(Owen, you had one job.)

Before the game, his pre-game speech emphasized the positives possessed by each and every athlete. Rodrigo asked the team to list what their teammate brings to the team knowing that it was these skills that would lead us to victory. (We all shared a laugh, because almost all athletes were complemented on having swim speed, making this coach smile!)

And then during the game, he motivated and commanded the kids to follow his gameplan. They were more than willing to following his direction and saw the results by being able to shut down the opposition time and time again.

Rodrigo led with passion and with complete control. He never used foul language. He did not chastise or belittle. He did not stomp or over-react when things did not go our way. When he challenged the referees, he did it with respect and at the appropriate level to their experience.

He has given our athletes, our children, the tools to succeed – even when they are faced with an opposition that is double their size and weight. I will forget the score of this game, but I will not forget Rodrigo’s leadership – nor will your children.

And that is why I am thankful for his coaching and trust my own children to him.

After the game, I asked the co-ed team two questions. Did they want to do it over again next year? All hands went up. Do you want to improve before next year? All hands went up.

That is not defeat.

WAVE is lucky to have Coach Rodrigo, we should all be thankful.


There will be a photo shoot for all Regional qualifiers on Thursday night at Brewer. Watch your email for details.

The Need for Speed Boog-A-Loo is reaching MACH-2

The deadline to sign up for the Need for Speed Boog-A-Loo is tomorrow. All athletes, including 15U / 17U, are invited to attend.

We are reaching capacity, so if you haven’t already signed up, please do so. No late sign-ups permitted.

It’s going to be a great event with some fun new challenges! BRING YOUR FINS!

Open Water

Registration for The Bring on the Bay swim is now open. Please enter WAVE as your team when you register.

If it’s your first time swimming in an open water event, try the 1.5K. If you already have a 1.5K race under year belt, congrats, you’re ready for 3K. If it’s your third season for open water, congrats, you can do the 3K BOTB and the 4K RiverKeeper (if you’re 12+).

Life is better in the water,

Coach Fraser