Upcoming Meets

Yes, we are in October and the meets are starting.

September is usually messy in and out of the water as it seems that everything is happening at once and the road ahead looks bumpy. It’s easy to fall victim to panic and stress.

This has not been the case for our aquatic athletes. The good news is that the athletes are getting stronger in the water and a lot more focused when it comes to listening to instruction and to having their equipment at the ready.

That’s the power of having upcoming competitions – there’s a goal in sight.


Meet Package | Commitment Sign-up

We’re going to take as many athletes as we can (with experience or are deemed to be ready) to the Brockville meet. It’s a fun meet with very little pressure.  We had a good time at the meet last year, even when the power went out for a couple of hours.

For best viewing, bring a lawn chair and sit outside the glass windows. The viewing area inside the pool is crowded. It’s also complicated to get into the facility as it’s a YMCA and requires that everyone registers with pen and paper – it’s painful but we must carry on!

If you want to be on deck, sign up to be an official –

Brockville Fall 5: Call for officials – Capital Wave (ottawawaterpolo.com)


We’ll also be asking people to sign up for the Perth meet soon. Please bring a canned food item for the Perth Food Bank.

Everybody’s working for the weekend

Please be patient when it comes to emailing questions to Lisa, Rodrigo and myself after hours. We try not to work too hard on the weekends or after practices as we have to juggle the demands of family, and in Rodrigo’s case, the demands of his five purebred Bulldogs – Ginger, Bingo, Fresca, Coca and Cola.

If you want to chat with Rodrigo or myself, we are available on Monday mornings for extended conversations. Please email coach@ottawawaterpolo.com to book a session.