Congratulations to the 4 WAVE athletes that participated in the Festival Swimming Championships this past weekend.

Yana, Adriano, Naya and Nicole all improved upon their times and represented YOUR CLUB with conviction.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that young Adriano walked out on deck at Regionals and was visibly upset. He did not want to swim long course. But, he found the courage and swam anyway after words of encouragement from his coach and his parents.

And then to see him push himself so hard in the 100M Fr (and get a new best time) on Sunday afternoon at Festivals was the great reward. He found it hard to lift himself out of the pool after he was done! It was a race to remember and one to build on, he’ll be under 1:20 very soon.

Naya, Nicole and Yana also had great results in the 100 FR pushing themselves to the end. Nicole took almost 5 seconds off her time (he knees buckled on her first steps out of the pool – always a good sign!), Naya took another 1.5 seconds off hers to get under the 1:10 mark and Yana shaved off another second. That’s one thing about our swimmers – we love to race, we love to work until the very end.

Nicole also had a lovely 200 BR where she came from a 6th place touch at the 150M mark to win her heat – pure power.

Yana took 6th place in the 50BK and showed that WAVE can compete with the big clubs.

That’s what swimming with WAVE is all about. Building the confidence to take on the challenges!

If you can handle a swim meet, you can handle a water polo match.

Well done Team WAVE!

The WAVE Way

As Rodrigo and I go through the results of the assessments, one thing is clear.

The athletes that embrace the WAVE program of participating in both swim meets and water polo tournaments reap the reward.

The more meets, the faster you get and the more you improve in water polo as your confidence in the water builds.

Swim meets are an essential building block for your athlete’s confidence. 

Some may not like swim meets, that’s OK. But, if you can’t handle the pressure of swim meets, you are going to struggle with water polo. In order to improve you must do the things that you do not like. Don’t believe me? Just listen to Mike and he’s not one to argue with.


The entries for Belleville are in and posted on this web site. I recently made changes to the relays.

I hope you can join us for the Pizza and Milkshake celebrations after Friday’s races. The sign-up sheet is also posted on the web site.

Open Water

There is no 4K RiverKeeper. Sadly, the event has been cancelled. There are rumours of a replacement event – The Tobby Cup – to take place the first day of Lake Camp.

Please register for Bring on The Bay and join the WAVE family for this great event.

Kick them out of the house for 15 minutes

Here’s a list of some 15M long activities that your athletes can do over the summer to come back raring to go in the Fall.

Life is better in the water,

Coach Fraser