Welcome to Week 5 of the WAVE 23/24 season. Now that our feet are feet (and other parts as well), the competition is about to start.

Are we ready? I’d say so. The athletes are starting to feel the excitement of heading into the first meet of the season at Brockville. It’s going to be fun and a great learning experience. We’ve all grown and developed over the summer, so now’s the time to start pushing ourselves to see what all those extra inches of growth can do!

If you want some inspiration and some reassurance that the WAVE program is like no other, please take a moment to read Kai’s Parent Post. WAVE’s dual sport program brings a certain level of confidence to our athletes that no other team has. The commitment and discipline of our athletes is what makes us stand apart and be the champions that we are.

Upcoming meets

We have 63 athletes going to Brockville…about the same number as we took last year and it was a memorable experience. Look for a final itinerary from Lisa in the coming days…as well as the heat sheets.

If you were unable to attend, sign up for the Perth Howler meet that’s happening at the end of this month. There’s also the Cornwall meet at the beginning of November.

You can sign up and commit to those meets now –

And let’s not forget our Mini-Loo on October 21. This will take place in-lieu of our regular practice time at Brewer. The Mini-Loos and Boogaloos serve as a great way to introduce our young ones to competition and to the joys of the bagpipes and Twinkies.

You can sign up here –

Behaviour at meets and tournaments

A special note on the expected behaviour in the changing rooms and on deck at meets and tournaments. All athletes must respect the fact that they are representatives of our club and must behave appropriately.

Any inappropriate behaviour on deck or in the changing room will lead to the athlete not being invited to future meets or tournaments, this includes, but is not limited to: rough-housing in the changing rooms; running on deck; leaving behind garbage; being disrespectful to other athletes, officials and teams; and, shouting out coaching instructions from the bench – athletes shouting out “Shoot!” are encouraged to do so within the confines of their own head.

Please speak to your athlete about the club’s expectations and help them to understand the consequences.


The 13Us will start dryland next week at BMRC before their swim practice. The only equipment needed is suitable attire, athletic shoes, water bottle and a yoga mat.

Water Polo Tournaments

WAVE hopes to attend at least two water polo tournaments before the end of the year. Lisa and Rodrigo are just finalizing the details and commitment forms as I type.


What’s old is new again as the Google Calendar has made a comeback on the website – https://ottawawaterpolo.com/practice-events-calendar-2/

Congratulations to our Athletes of the Month

September is in the books and the coaches would like to recognize two athletes for their outstanding work at practice.

  • Naya Laggis – 13U
  • Clarissa Feenstra – JWs




Life is always better in the water,

Coach Fraser