The line-ups for the first water polo tournament of the season came out last week and there were a few upset athletes in the WAVE family.

Please know that the coaches, in particular Rodrigo, spend a lot of time and effort in making these line-ups fair, balanced and in-line with the goals of the tournament.

The Shadow Cup is a development tournament and there will be athletes playing up an age division to: test their abilities; and, or, make a complete team so that more athletes can attend.

What we should avoid is the urge to compare ourselves against others. Athletes progress at different rates and it takes years to develop some of the necessary skills. Skills at the start of the season will only get better as the season progresses and we get closer to Provincial level tournaments.

A key part of securing success for your athlete is to continue to commit to competitions in both water polo and swimming. Comparing your athlete to athletes that are fully committed to participating in competition is simply not fair.


Please visually confirm your entry into the meet by looking at the submitted entries. This is another developmental meet and we’re looking to see some big improvements in the water! Most of us have had a taste of competition now and are looking for more opportunities to improve.


Congratulations to all the athletes that participated in our second meet at Perth this past weekend. Some great improvements from our swimmers (LINK). Congratulations to Liam Myer and Gabe McIntyre for securing a spot in the Regional Swim Championships with their 50M FR swims.


For those athletes not attending Shadow Cup Nov 17-19 and that have Swimming Canada insurance already, keep the competitive juices flowing by attending the Petawawa Poppy Meet.

Meet information can be found on the commitment form (LINK).

The deadline to commit is Friday, November 3rd.

I have asked the host club if we can send a few mini-waves and will report back. The minis will have to purchase the required insurance.

OYI Fundamentals Clinic

Congratulations to Nicole and Nathan for qualifying for the OYI Fundamentals swim camp in Toronto. The camp brings together swimmers from across Ontario who are qualified, or close to qualification, to competition at the Provincial level.


I hope everyone is getting ready for a busy November with 2 tournaments and 2 swim meets, the WAVEATHON and the newly minted PLAYALOO. Every weekend WAVE is in action, always improving and always having fun.

Life is always better in the water,

Coach Fraser