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Ottawa is a great city.

I can rhyme off all the usual things that make a great city – green space, transportation, entertainment, fantastic lifeguards, outdoor pools. Ottawa has just about got all those areas covered.

But one new development stands out for me as Ottawa continues to shine – massive tunnels designed to hold 50 or so Olympic swimming pools worth of unmentionables.

The  Combined Sewage Storage Tunnel (CSST) was completed in November 2020 and will help prevent huge amounts of unwanted material going into the Ottawa River after a heavy storm. This was happening quite a lot, some 20 – 30 times a year. Now that number will be reduced to one or two.

Why is this important to Capital Wave?

The answer is easy. We swim in that water. As a team, we enjoy the Ottawa River in the summer. Bonds of friendship and common goals are formed in that water. Now we can enjoy that water more often.

Thank you to the City of Ottawa, Mayor Watson, Alain Gonthier and the entire CSST project team. It’s a difficult task to convince people that tunnels full of waste material is something for a city to be proud of but we will try our best!

Now, if we could only get a new Olympic pool.

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