About Capital Wave

Capital Wave is an incorporated not-for-profit water polo club based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We offer recreational and competitive water polo programs for athletes aged 5 and up. We are currently one of the fastest growing water polo clubs in Canada and the top competitive club in Ottawa. We are also the creators of our successful programs Splash Polo and PLAY! Water Polo. At Capital Wave, our athletes are fortunate to be coached by our Olympic and international coaches who bring a tremendous amount of experience. Capital Wave is recognized as a leader in High-Performance trainings in Canada and has the only High-Performance Academy in the province of Ontario. We welcome and encourage everyone to try water polo for FREE all-year round. When you choose Capital Wave, you are choosing the best water polo family.


We want to create a fun environment for all kids aged 5 and up, regardless of their swimming ability, through both recreational and competitive water polo programs. Our focus is on team spirit and the long-term athlete development (LTAD) set by Water Polo Canada.


Capital Wave aims to give athletes the opportunity to develop a positive self-image, achieve physical and mental strength, and attain goals through swimming and water polo. We work close with athletes to support their individual achievement in the sport, allowing them to strive for their “personal best” both in and out of the pool. We believe our club fosters self-discipline, mutual respect, acceptance, and tolerance among coaches, athletes, parents, and volunteers.

Coaches Message

“When we coach, we teach that a win is not only winning a water polo game or a tournament, but having a positive experience for each athlete! We believe in Respect, Attitude, Discipline, Integrity, Credibility, Transparency, Communication, Opportunity, and Consistency. These are all big words for success in life!” – The WAVE Philosophy

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Meet Jessica Gaudreault

Jessica Gaudreault was born in Mississauga, Ontario (Toronto). She started playing water polo when she was only 12 years old. She had been scouted and carded at 14 years old as a potential National Team athlete. She has played for the Youth, Junior, and now plays with the Senior National Team. She has traveled the world and recently helped Canada to a 4th place finish at the FINA World Championships in Budapest back in 2017.  Jessica has recently been named the World’s Best Goalkeeper at two separate international tournaments. She is currently enrolled in Capital Wave’s High-Performance Academy and is training towards the 2019 Lima Pan American Games in hopes of qualifying for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Jessica is currently finishing her degree at Indiana State University and plays for Capital Wave’s Major League Women’s team. To keep up with Jessica, follow her on Instagram and Twitter. Let’s support Capital Wave athlete and our Women’s National Team in accomplishing their dreams!

The meaning of Wave

“A Capital Wave starts from calm water and takes the energy of lots of smaller waves in order to build into something impressive and powerful. Our club is made up of younger and older athletes, competitive and recreational players, parents and community members. The energy of each and every one of our club members contributes to the viability and sustainability of the club. No “one” is more important than another. The Wave represents our collective energy and spirit. We are a strong community and only together will we be strong competitors both in and out of the pool. Wave is singular. One Wave, not many little waves. We support one another across our community.” – Kim Oastler (1st President)