Just received this from the Belleville Beast:

We will be moving our Friday Session earlier by a half hour to a warm-up time of 4:00 and a start time of 5:00. There is a lane swim ending at 4:00, so we do ask that you have your swimmers stay back and don’t enter the pool until all patrons have left and the start of warm-up has been announced.
For both warm-ups, we ask that you have your 13 and Over swimmers in the water for the first half and your 12 and Under swimmers in for the second half.


If you are going to the Belleville Maddy Kort Invitational meet this Friday please bring your fins!

If you are attending Friday’s session, please be on deck at 3:45.

PIZZA PARTY – There will be a pizza party on the Friday night in the Fireplace Room at the pool. So, no need to disperse into the hot Belleville night looking for food. Details to come.