Thanks to everyone who came to the Belleville meet this past weekend. I hope everyone had a good experience. I know I certainly did.

A special thanks to Veronica, Valeria and Sam for coming to Belleville and supporting and motivating all of our swimmers. And to Lisa and Amelie for keeping us all organized.

What I have been trying to instill in our athletes these past few weeks is a sense of ownership over their swimming and athletic development. I asked them to know their times and to have goals going into the meet and they, for the most part, responded well.

It’s much easier to coach an athlete who is invested in their own progress. They begin to understand that they are investing in themselves by going to practice and trying their best.

Medals and Ribbons

I will get the awards from Valeria either today or tomorrow. I will bring them to the pool on Monday and Tuesday. We could not hand them out at Belleville as a stampede would have ensued and someone could have been hurt or lost their mind (probably me). If you don’t believe me, just ask the poor fellow who was in charge of arranging the award bundles for the teams, he let me know how “enthusiastic” our swimmers were.

The awards need to be arranged by athlete. If I can’t get to this, I may ask a parent(s) on Monday night to do so. I will bring envelopes and a marker.


Many, many highlights from Belleville. I encourage you to look at Meet Mobile and with your child to go over their results.

Stan Anderson

Doing a 31 second split in the 4 x50 Fr relay to bring home the victory over the home team. Excellent.

Hugo Baillargeon

Taking 4 seconds off his 50 FR!

Max Barber

Putting in a very fast 50 FR after still recovering from surgery.

Sadie Begg

Taking 3 seconds off her 50 FR, 5.5 seconds off her 50 BR and helping take first place in the 4×50 FR relay!

Aline Borowiec

Taking almost 2 seconds in her 50 BR and for her great leg in the medley relay.

Nicole Borowiec

Almost 5 seconds off her 50 BR and over 6 seconds off her 50 FR!

Norah Carthew

6.6 seconds off her 100 FR and 3.66 seconds off her 50 FR to get her under 40 seconds!

Audrey Clark-O’Brien

Almost 9 seconds off her 50 BR! Over 3 seconds off her 50 FR! And her dive is looking so much better!

Gillian Corkum

4.5 seconds off her 200 FR – an event she swears she will never do again, but we’ll see! And a great burn down the pool to get 3rd in the 25 FR.

Lily Cowan

What a great debut for Lily! A very solid 41 seconds in the 50 FR and a great anchor leg in the relay!

Jorge Davila-Sanchez

Jorge came alive this meet taking over 2 seconds off his 50 FR and a beautiful leg in the 4x50FR relay that will be talked about for years to come.

Siena Ginsberg

Over a second off her 50 FR and an amazing 5 seconds off her 100 FR!

Samuel Gordon

The man of many questions had many answers in the pool. 5 seconds off his 50 BK and a great blast down the pool to win the 25FR.

Auguste Hagedorne

Some great races and some graceful dives from Auguste! An amazing 4 seconds off her 50 BR and she looked so good doing it!

Maya Harada

3rd in the 25 FL and almost 4 seconds off her 100 FR! Well done, Maya!

Adelle Hircock

Over 3 seconds off her 100 FR and a solid performance in the 200m FR relay

Nathan Hobbs

Nathan had Stanley looking over his shoulder on the 50 BR with a great time of 51 seconds! 5 first place finishes for Nathan!

Cameron Jakubinek

Over 3 seconds off his 50 FR and a very fast 19.23 on his 25 FR!

Paige Jones

Paige is now firmly under 40s for her 50 FR. There’s no looking back now! Paige also took 3 seconds off her 100 FR.

Martin Kokalari

Martin stepped up to the plate and hit a proverbial home run in the 4×50 FR relay to end the meet. After Belleville gained an early lead, Martin dove in and made up the distance to set up Jorge and Stan. I’ve never seen Martin swim faster.

Chiara McDonald

An epic meet for Chiara with over 7 seconds off her 50 FR! Amazing!

Skawennahawi Miller-Morgan

Skawnennahawi’s fighting spirit was on full display in the 200 IM with a race for the ages. Skawennahawi came from a half a pool back after the backstroke to win her heat with a great swim in the BR and FR. It was amazing to watch.

Shonakarakehte Miller-Morgan

Over 2 second improvement in his 25 FL — a stroke he shows a lot of promise in! And a great backstroke in the 200 IM relay.

Odin Pall

Took almost 10 seconds off his 100 BK for a third place finish. Also had a great lead off in the 4×50 FR Relay.

Adriano Quijada

Captured 2nd place in the 25 BK and did a very fast 50FR to lead off his relay team!

Diego Quijada

Took almost 3 seconds off his 25 FL and swam a very fast 25 FR that almost got him a medal.

Luca Roussin

Luca conquered his nerves and put in a great performance in his 100 BK. He also took over 3 seconds off his 100 FR and his 50 BK.

Jasmine Schenk

Jasmine captured six top-3 finishes is her races at Belleville and took over 2 seconds off her 100 FR.

Abigail Sellars

Abigail took off 2.5 seconds from her 50 BK and keeps lowering her 50 FR time, this time with almost a whole second removed!

Lukasz Sowka

Lukasz conquered the 200 FR with great determination and should be very proud of himself. He did a flip for every turn and worked every length harder than the last!

Yasmine Sowka

The Queen of the Backstroke. Just amazing speed on the 25 BK with a first place finish. She also took over 3 seconds off her 50BK!


I am very proud of each and every athlete. We are a unique club and we certainly showed that in the pool with our grit and determination. We are all working so hard to better our individual times and to become stronger in the water.

We also saw our relay teams perform so well and the athletes find that unique bond that can only come through sport and the shared experience of demanding practices and demanding events. There is a reason why as a swimmer you always perform your best in a relay — it’s the fear of letting others down, your commitment to the team and your desire to win as a team. It’s that collective feeling that will serve as an incommunicable bond for WAVE as we swim together and as we play water polo together.

I look forward to year two with great hope.