Good morning.

Please see the list of athletes and events attending the Brockville Fall Five meet on October 15th.

The heat sheets will be released by the host club closer to the event – when I have them, you’ll have them. The heat sheets let you know when your athlete is racing and in what heat/lane — this is essential to marking up your arm BEFORE the meet. Swimmers that do not come to a meet with their arm marked up, fall down the mythical Twinkie List.

Be confident in the fact that a bill will be forthcoming for this meet. This usually happens either just before or just after the meet.  The bill includes the meet fees ($10 per event) and the distributed costs for the coaching staff – Fraser, Lil, Samantha and Katie.

For best viewing, bring a lawn chair and sit outside the glass windows. The viewing area inside the pool is crowded. It’s also complicated to get into the facility as it’s a YMCA and requires that everyone registers with pen and paper – it’s painful but we must carry on!

Lisa will also be sending out a Meet Itinerary on Friday the 13th with  all required information.

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