There are three scheduled warm-up sessions for Sunday’s meet. Please be ready to go on deck 15 mins before your scheduled time. We will have a coach and/or parent at the entrance to guide your athlete.

WU #1 – 7:30 AM to 8:00 AM – Lanes 5 (10) and 6 (10)

Skawennahawi Miller-Morgan
Odin Pall
Stanley Anderson
Jorge Davila-Sanchez
Yasmine Sowka
Max Barber
Luca Roussin
Aline Borowiec
Naya Laggis
Fiona Jowsey

Adelle Hircock
Callie Siegner
Chiara McDonald
Felicity Savoury
Jasmine Schenk
Katerina Krikonis
Nicole Borowiec
Rachael Smeaton
Siena Ginsberg
Simona D’Angelo

WU #2 – 8:00 AM to 8:30 AM – Lanes 5 (10) and 6 (4)

Abigail Sellars
Adriano Quijada
Alexis Prud’homme
Audrey Smith
Briseia Ifrim
Caitlin Jowsey
Coco Hafez
Elyse Davies
Emma Sofia Davila Sanchez
Keala Schwarzfeld

Hugo Baillargeon
Diego Quijada
Yaroslav Sokolov
Zachary Vigliotti

WU #3 – 8:30 AM to 9:00 AM – Lanes 5 (10) and 6 (10)

Galia Aljamal
Julianna Bedard
Leah Drennan
Lilia Aljamal
Marko Velickov
Max Lachapelle
Shonakarakehte Miller-Morgan
Yana Szeto
Jasper Oppacher
Rosalyn Jowsey

Cameron Jakubinek
Samuel Gordon
Ryder Oppacher
Nathan Hobbs
Levi Third
Lukasz Sowka
Gabriel McIntyre
Emil Zhelev – G
Norah Carthew
Paige Jones


Dive starts in lanes 1 and 6 in the last 10 minutes of each warm-up.

Swimmers 10 and under to remain in the pool area or change rooms at all times.

Swimmers 11 and over to exit the pool area after their warm-up. Second floor studio and teen room will be available for use while waiting. Swimmers who are off deck shall be supervised by a Capital WAVE Coach.