I hope everyone had a good time in Brockville yesterday. Some great times were recorded by our athletes as well as some challenging moments.

WAVE is a strong believer in entering our athletes into competition a little earlier than most clubs. This is to be build resilience and that all important skill of being able to say, “Next!”, when something does not go your way. In swimming there will be poor times, loose goggles and disqualifications. In water polo there will be many missed shots, poor passes and shoddy defensive plays. What we all have to remember is that there will be other opportunities to shine, sometimes at the same meet or the same tournament or even the same game.

Case in point, one swimmer on the weekend lost his goggles on the 50 FR. I told him to forget about it. Focus on what was NEXT and not what just happened. He tore it up and took almost 9 seconds off his 100M time.