We are extremely excited to announce that Capital Wave is now sanctioned as a dual sport aquatic club for both water polo and swimming. This is a first for any aquatic sports organization in Ottawa and in Ontario!

In an effort to offer more opportunities for our athletes and to develop into better water polo players, over the course of several months we have been working on an application for Capital Wave to become a dual sport club.  The board ultimately submitted an application to Swim Ontario, the governing body for competitive swimming in Ontario to become a sanctioned swim club. This application was subsequently approved on April 30.

This now allows Capital Wave to offer both competitive and recreational water polo as well as competitive swimming to members for the purposes of improving their swimming and, in turn, developing into stronger water polo players. Initially, we plan on offering our swimming program to athletes aged 8 – 13.

We know some of you will have questions about this development; we will be presenting the plan and having a question and answer session during the AGM which is set for June 16.

Thank you to Coaches Rodrigo and Fraser, and Ahmed Abdelfattah for the many hours of work needed to make this a successful application.

Thanks also to the board for supporting this forward-thinking philosophy which will see Capital Wave continue to grow and succeed!

Thank you,

Jason Plomp

Capital Wave