Wave-a-thon 2021 – Records were made and broken!

Congratulations to all the Capital Wave athletes who participated in this year's Wave-a-thon. A special nod of recognition goes out to the athletes who either set new records or broke existing records for the most amount of laps. The 2021 records 30 Minute Swim CW Records 2010 Teagan Meredith 54 2011 Naya Laggis 52 2012 Emilio Cameron 48 2013 Emilio Cameron 48 2014 Auguste Hagedorn 28   45 Minute Swim CW Records 2003+ Rodrigo Rojas 132 2004 William Landstrom 125 2005 William Landstrom 125 2006 Brooklyn Plomp 117 2007 Charlie Anderson 114 2008 Charlie Anderson 114 [...]

13Us Ultra Short Race Pace Training Sheet

Hello 13U Athletes The USRPT sheet is available to download here. It is up to you to download and complete this sheet in order to advance your training.  We will start this training the week of November 8, 2021. As a reminder, this is how you use the sheet. Let's take a sample set of 30 x 25. All 25s will be swum at race pace for a 50m FR sprint (we will expand this training for other strokes and distances in the weeks to come). So, if SWIMMER A swims :40 for a 50m sprint, [...]

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