Junior WAVES and 13Us Coaches’ Update — Week 33 — 2022

Photos Courtesy of Owen Pilson Photography What a great debut for WAVE! We are all very proud of all our athletes participating in their first ever swim meet. There were some great swims and some remarkable improvements in times as well. What impressed the coaches the most was that our athletes were not afraid to race and find that next gear in order to win. There were lots of come-from-behind wins for our swimmers -- something that is a testament to our character as a club. I hope we all learned a lot from [...]

SWOTT Spring Splash Meet Results

Here are the individual results from our first ever swim meet. Print them out and hang on to them, they may be worth a lot of money one day! History in the making! MEET RESULTS (WEB) MEET RESULTS (PDF) I encourage you to look at the results from our Yellow & Blue meets to see the progress being made.

Junior WAVES and 13Us Coaches’ Update — Week 32 — 2022

First things first, we only have one entry for this week's contest. Are you trying to tell me that my scones are actually bad? https://ottawawaterpolo.com/contest-what-the-heck-is-this-can-you-give-it-a-name/ With the upcoming meet this Saturday, we've done a lot more swimming in the past few weeks. The athletes have responded very well to this. They all know that the extra work is needed and will pay off in the months and years to come. We've been paying particular attention to our dives and to our turns. It's very disheartening for any swimmer when goggles fail and it usually happens due [...]

Wise words from the great Adam Peaty

One of the most common questions I get from both Young and Older athletes is how do you keep going (hopefully improving) even though I’ve been in the sport so long. My gut instinct is to say stimulus, keeping things different so that your mind and body are always challenged and learning. Another is that no matter what, you work harder than that version of yourself did last week/month/year. Having the constant challenge to be better is what being an athlete is all about and everyone responds differently under this kind of pressure. In the [...]

Meet Entries for SWOTT Spring Splash

Thank you for committing to the SWOTT Spring Splash meet. Here are the meet entries for the SWOTT Spring Splash meet on May 7. (Updated on May 4) Warm-up starts at 2:30. Please be at the pool at 2:15 PM at the latest. All swimmers are in 4 events. There is a charge of $8 per event that you will be billed for at a later date. If your situation has changed and you cannot commit to the meet, please contact fraser.anderson@ottawawaterpolo.com ASAP.

Junior WAVES and 13Us Coaches’ Update — Week 31 — 2022

As we settle in to the new schedule and all the grumblings that come along with that, it's important to remember the big picture -- our kids are having fun. They are also building their own temple of fitness. One that they will not want to see crumble but rather maintained through a lifelong commitment to their physical and mental health. The swim practices are tight. But that is OK from a coaching perspective. Our training program for swimming is based on a methodology called Ultra Short Race Pace Training (USRPT). Because we split our time [...]

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