12U & 14U – Competitive
Swimming and Water Polo
(2011 and under)


Minimum Requirements

  • Athletes must be born on 2011 or later.
  • Athletes must be able to follow instructions and be part of a group training environment.
  • Athletes cannot require one-to-one attention.
  • Athletes must be able to complete 50 metres of recognizable front crawl (freestyle) under 45 seconds.
  • Evaluations are required for new Competitive Athletes. Spots are limited and subject to availability.
  • Advancement and Progression guidelines (PDF)

Competition Opportunities

  • Compete in our internal swimming and water polo meets, competition and games.
  • Swim Head Coach will invite certain individuals who they feel are ready to attend local and away swim meets – all invited athletes are expected to attend swim meets.
  • Water Polo Head Coach will invite certain individuals who they feel are ready to attend water polo games/tournaments – all invited athletes are expected to attend water polo tournaments.


  • Attend 90% of all practices
  • Show up on time 
  • Bring training equipment bag
  • Be ready to have fun and learn two sports!

Training Equipment List


  • 2 pairs of goggles from a reputable brand (such as Speedo, Tyr, Nike, Arena, and Swans) – goggles can be found at Winners and other local shops such as Go Swim and Team AquaticOver-sized goggles are not acceptable — they must remain below the brow.
  • Swimming fins (short blade fins available at Decathlon, Go Swim and Team Aquatic). NO Flippers or Scuba diving gear.
  • Swim paddles – Finis Agility recommended
  • Swim suit – one piece for girls and brief or jammer style for boys (NO board shorts and NO t-shirts)*
    • *Note: Club bathing suit will be required for any official swim meets and/or water polo tournaments
  • Size 3 Water Polo ball (for 12U) & Size 4 Water Polo Ball (for 14U) – options available on our WAVE Store
  • PullKick Board from Speedo or Arena available on Amazon (these are small boards that can be used as a pull buoy and as a kickboard)
  • Swim cap – one club swim cap (yellow)


  • Mesh bag for equipment – options available on our WAVE Store
    Be sure to label all of your equipment and a mesh bag is highly recommended and is available from the WAVE store.

Wave Merchandise Mandatory List

Please check our Merchandise requirement page to see what merchandise your son/daughter is required to have according to their program and competition opportunities.


Why Two Sports?

Swimming and water polo go hand-in-hand. Take a look at some of the reasons below on how the two sports are so closely related!

I like swimming, is water polo for me?

  • Water polo is the ideal sport for swimmers.

  • Being a fast swimmer in a water polo game, means more breakaways, which means more goals. A goal can be just as rewarding as a medal.

  • Playing water polo will make you a faster swimmer. Need proof?

  • Everyone needs variety, even swimmers. Why not stay in the water, playing a sport where swimmers excel?

  • Counting tiles can, at times, be a bit boring.

I like water polo, is swimming for me?

  • Swimming is an essential part of water polo.

  • Being fast in a water polo game, means you’re probably a good sprinter. Winning a swimming medal can be just as rewarding as scoring a goal.

  • Learning proper swimming technique reduces shoulder strain and makes you faster and more efficient in the water.

  • For water polo players, there is no better conditioning than swimming. It’s exercise in our natural habitat.

  • For water polo players, counting tiles can be therapeutic.

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