Competitive Swimming and Water Polo

Ages 11 to 13


Capital Wave is excited to bring to Ottawa a first of its kind dual sport program. The Competitive Swimming and Water Polo program is our new building block for developing life-long aquatic athletes. We’ve always believed that swimming is to water polo as skating is to hockey — they are intertwined in so many ways. Capital Wave has worked hard with Swim Ontario in the past year to build our coaching staff to get ready for this next chapter in our club’s history as a dual-sport club. We have put together a dual-sport program that guarantees FUN and DEVELOPMENT.

The 13Us will have two swim practices, one water polo practice and one game/race practice during the short-course swim season in the Fall.

In the Winter, this changes to one swim practice, two water polo practices and one game/race practice.

The swimming focus will be on sprinting and endurance and cover all four strokes. The water polo training will focus on ball control, conditioning, and shooting. Our athletes will be participating in swim meets in the Ottawa area and in water polo tournaments in the GTA and Montreal.

Athletes in this new program will be participating in swim meets all throughout the year with a focus on the smaller meets during the short-course season up and down the Ottawa Valley. And when water polo season starts in the Winter we’ll be ready for the tournaments with our honed aquatic abilities!

The way of the WAVE! Go WAVE Go!

Core Benefits:

  • Be a part of a dual-sport program!
  • Develop life-long aquatic athletes
  • Build confidence in the water
  • Meet new friends in a safe, fun environment, that also teaches life lessons
  • Build endurance and muscle tone
  • Learn water polo and swimming fundamentals designed by International and Olympic coaches
  • Learn that here is no such thing as “can’t”!

You don’t have to convince me that Capital Wave’s dual-sport program is the way to go. It’s going to be exciting to see the results in the years to come.

David Hart, Olympian & Master Coach

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Competitive Swimming and Water Polo Program


    Swimmers must be able to complete 50 metres of recognizable front crawl (freestyle) under 1 minute and 15 seconds.

    Evaluations may be required for new athletes. Spots are limited and subject to availability.

    Equipment List

    • 2 pairs of goggles from a reputable brand such as Speedo, Tyr, Nike, and Arena
    • Size 3 Water Polo ball – available here
    • Swimming fins (short blade fins available at Decathlon and Team Aquatic)
    • Swim suit – one piece for girls and brief style for boys (water polo players do not wear jammers)
    • Swim cap for hair that touches nape of neck or obstructs vision (boys and girls)

    Please be sure to label your ball and your fins.