15U & 17U – Competitive Water Polo
(2007 – 2010)

Our competitive programs are for athletes that have a strong swimming ability, demonstrate the desire, skills and commitment to move up in their water polo sport career. Our gender specific competitive water polo programs offer 15U and 17U training groups. The competitive programs takes into account an athlete’s skill level, strength, maturity and previous water polo or swimming experience. Depending on the athlete’s age and through a selection process, they can participate and register in the U15, U17, and Senior Competitive Leagues in the National Canadian League (NCL). Our Club Head Coach sends an invitation out to certain athletes to join this program throughout the season and who they believe are ready for the next challenge. At this level, players learn and develop higher understanding of strategy, team tactics, build their strength and conditioning, contains higher intensity training, all while learning to train and to compete. Our programs may include various wellness activities such as yoga, nutrition, dry-land training, and mental training workshops.

Develop Teamwork

Build Self-Confidence

Create Memories

Build Strength

Make Friendships

Why Athletes want Competitive Water Polo?

Once our athletes graduate from our feeder programs, they may want something more, and mostly, they want competitive water polo. Capital Wave’s competitive program allows them to grow as competitive athletes and participate in various local, national, and international competition opportunities. Coaches push and work the athletes to their abilities and promote the (LTAD) Long-Term Athlete Development model created by Water Polo Canada.

At Capital Wave, athletes are able to compete at the U13, U15  and U17. The competitive practices help build athletes into great shape physically and mentally. Our  experienced coaches help athletes succeed and help them reach their goals. Some of the greatest benefits of participating in competitive water polo program are the life skills of time management, self-discipline, physical fitness and sportsmanship that athletes will learn.

WPC National League Age Category References 2023-2024 Season

(Ages reflected starting Summer 2023)

13 and under* – born 2011 or after
15 and under – born 2009 or after
17 and under – born 2007 or after
Major league – born 2007 or earlier
*Combined program with Competitive Swimming

Goals, Dreams, and Opportunities with Water Polo?

Our competitive program supports and prepares any athlete that wants to reach Team Ontario, National Team, or pursue a post-secondary education in Canada or in the US. Several athletes have had the chance to represent Team Ontario and Team Canada at different international events as well as received funding from Provincial and National carding programs. A number of our athletes have also gone on to play in the NCAA down in the states including places like California, New York, Indianapolis, and Virginia. Many of our athletes have also stayed in Ontario and played in the OUA league, becoming OUA champions numerous years. If you are interested in pursuing one of these opportunities, we encourage you to get in touch with our club head coach here.

Currently, we are so happy to support and cheer on our Capital Wave Alumni and our current Senior Women’s National Team goalkeeper, Jessica Gaudreault.

“I have to say that Capital Wave is truly our second family. From their incredible passion to the impact they have on our girls, it is truly a blessing. We are forever grateful for our experience and what life lessons our daughter has learnt.

Core Benefits:

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Cultivate health and fitness
  • Sample a new sport for which you may have a special talent or passion for
  • Meet new friends in a safe, fun environment, that also teaches life lessons
  • Build excellent endurance and muscle tone
  • Learn advanced water polo designed by International and Olympic coaches

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