Our Junior WAVEs team received a well-deserved Bronze Medal this past weekend at Provincials.

This is a victory for the entire club and will be celebrated by all in the weeks to come.

Congratulations to the entire team! We have so many highlights from the weekend as it was a long one with 4 games on the Saturday and one on the Sunday. We had lots of examples of our team really rising to challenges and individuals taking leadership roles and responsibility as well as their usual roles on the playing field. It was great to see.

There certainly were some tears, but not ONE child who was upset asked to take a rest on the bench even when asked. This is a testament to the strength of character of your children.

A big thanks to all the parents for making the drive and for supporting their athlete, and also to the coaches for knowing when to push and knowing when to take a back-seat. And let’s not forget Lisa for handling all the admin back in Ottawa!