It was a great meet this weekend at Nepean with lots of terrific performances from our athletes.

From the meet we have 15 qualifiers for Regionals. Regionals is in 2 weeks at Belleville. It is a three day meet. Lisa will be sending out an email soon to the families with details. Entries are due tomorrow, so a commitment is required as soon as possible.

The qualifiers are –

Paige (50 FR), Naya (50 FR), Adelle (100 BR, 200 BR), Nicole (100BR), Fiona (50 FR), Aline (50 FR, 100 BR, 200 BR), Siena (50 FR) and Skawennahawi (50 FR, 100 BR), and Norah (50FR)

Sam Gordon (50 FR), Yaro (50 FR), Gabe (50 FR, 100 FR), Odin (50 FR, 100 FR, 100 BK), Nathan (100 BR, 200 BR), Stan (50 FR, 100 BR)


To commit to this event please fill out this form