2020-2021 Season

The start of the 2020/2021 Season is a unique one, but we know that our CW family will work together to make it a success.

Water Polo Canada, Ontario Water Polo, Ottawa Public Health and the City of Ottawa Pools have put in place safety measures that allow us to resume activities in the safest manner possible. Please check this page often as it will be updated as required. Changes will be highlighted in red.

**Due to the serious nature of Covid-19, Coaches reserve the right to remove any athlete who refuses to adhere to these policies and procedures.**


All schedule changes will be found on the club calendar here. Please check it regularly:


  • Prior to each practice, parents and athletes MUST complete the following health assessment TOGETHER NO EARLIER THAN 24 HOURS PRIOR TO THE PRACTICE
  • Link here:
  • Save a copy of the assessment as a screen shot or pdf
  • Each copy must be saved for three weeks for tracking purposes by OPH and Capital Wave should it be needed

If the self-assessment results indicate that the participant should self-isolate and/or be tested for COVID-19, the following must occur:

  • Notification of the self-assessment results to
  • Stay home
  • Follow the directions Ottawa Public Health

In the event that an athlete or staff member test positive for Covid-19, the following must occur:

  • The individual must notify the team at
  • The team will notify the Pool Supervisor of the facility the individual trained at
  • The squad will be suspended from training and follow directions of health officials as to next steps
  • The individual will require proof of medical clearance prior to returning to the team


All athletes must have the proper waivers filled out upon registration and before their first practice. The Reference Documents and Waivers page can be found here: 


For each practice, each athlete must bring the following 4 things or coaches will have the option of sitting the athletes out:

  • Face MASK (on while entering and exiting facility)
  • Their own water polo BALL
  • Filled water BOTTLE

Balls can be purchased here:

PLAY! & 12USize 3 Ball
14USize 4 Ball
16U/19U GirlsSize 4 Ball
16U/19U BoysSize 5 Ball

Team Face masks are coming soon. Stay tuned for more details!


  • Pool setup is completed by City of Ottawa aquatic staff and/or Affiliated Club Coaches.  Athletes are not permitted to set up the pool
  • All athlete equipment must be brought home and thoroughly cleaned after each practice (balls, goggles and water bottles)
  • Athletes cannot share equipment (except balls for passing while in the water) or use facility equipment
  • No dry-land training allowed at pools

ARRIVING TO POOLS – General Procedures:

  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to start of practice and line up at designated doors (2 meters apart)
  • Parents cannot enter the facility and should not crowd the pool entrance
  • Athletes must maintain physical distancing rules at all times
  • Coaches will explain to the athletes the proper procedures to enter and exit the facility on the first day
  • Athletes should shower at home prior to practice and upon returning home
  • Athletes should arrive with their training suits on as changerooms and lockers are not available
  • Upon practice arrival, coaches will ask for verbal confirmation of the completion of the health self-assessment. Athletes should only be showing up to practice if they are cleared by the self-assessment online form. No more paper copies 
  • Athletes must sanitize their hands at hand-sanitizer stations upon entering facility
  • Belongings must be placed on deck in a designated zone, identified by the pool supervisor. NOTE – in case of inclement weather at outdoor pools, athletes should be prepared to place belongings in a large plastic bag to keep contents dry
  • Parents must follow social distancing guidelines outside of the facility while waiting for their athletes
  • There is absolutely no horsing around at any time, in or out of the water. Athletes will be asked to leave the pool if they do not follow the rules
  • If parents leave during practice, they are asked to be on time for pick up as we are not allowed to “hang around” after our allotted time. This is so that other groups can get into the pool for their time. After the athletes exit the facility doors at the end of practice time, the athletes are no longer the responsibility of the coaches

#1 Arriving to Brewer Pool:

  • Athletes come to the facility changed in their bathing suits
  • After entering the facility, club coaches and athletes will head up to the viewing gallery to the designated zone to drop off their belongings and bags.
  • Once the practice is completed, athletes will make their way up to the viewing gallery, grab their bags (outdoors shoes are to be left in viewing gallery) and walk back down the set of stairs to enter the appropriate changeroom.
  • Athletes are to only put their belongings on the benches in the changerooms on the blue checkmarks
  • Athletes will have 15mins max to shower and change and exit the facility
  • Masks are be worn at all times unless athletes are using the showers.
  • When they are done in the changeroom, athletes will make their way back up to their spot, grab all outdoor clothing and proceed to exit the facility
  • Lockers are not to be used
  • Hairdryers (wall mounted or personal) are not to be used.
  • The new entrance AND exit to Brewer Pool faces Sloan Avenue and can be accessed by the following two options:
    • Intersection of Bronson & Sunnyside
      • Turn right onto Sloan Avenue
    • Intersection of Bronson & Brewer Way
      • Turn left at the stop sign, and right around the bend to access Sloan Avenue
  • The following roads are closed with barricades set up blocking all traffic flow and parking: Hopewell, Glen and Grove (west of Seneca). Only local traffic is allowed on these roads—please ensure you are not accessing these roads
  • While parking is permitted on the east side of Sloan, we ask that you do not park there to allow for a clear pick up and drop off zone. Please do not hang around to chat as there will be other groups needing the space to drop off. Please allow our coaches to have room to park as well
  • NO parking is permitted on the neighbouring streets and those residents are closely monitoring the situation as the Covid-19 testing site has set everyone in that area on edge. NO parking is permitted in the Covid-19 testing site parking (the original pool/arena parking lot). NO parking is permitted at the former Westboro Academy
  • Other parking options include: parking at Carleton University (free for Fall 2020) or the South Brewer Park parking lot near the Rideau River
  • The Green arrow in the diagram below points at the “new entrance”

#2 Arriving to Bob MacQuarrie Recreation Complex Pool:

  • The pool door will be opened by a lifeguard 10 minutes before our booking and our group will be admitted together at the same time
  • Parents are allowed to park in the parking lot if they choose to
  • Again, no parents can enter the facility

#3 Arriving to Sawmill Creek Pool:

  • The pool door will be opened by a lifeguard 10 minutes before our booking and our group will be admitted together at the same time
  • Parents are allowed to park in the parking lot if they choose to
  • Again, no parents can enter the facility

#4 Arriving to Splash Wave Pool:

  • The pool door will be opened by a lifeguard 10 minutes before our booking and our group will be admitted together at the same time
  • Parents are allowed to park in the parking lot if they choose to
  • Again, no parents can enter the facility