The 2023-24 season is almost upon us and the questions regarding required equipment are coming in.

What’s new this year is swim paddles. Paddles help in two areas – they build strength and they ensure that your stroke is effective. I have recommended the Finis Agility paddles. You can purchase these on Amazon, Swim Outlet or locally at Team Aquatique on Iris. As far as sizing goes, use this handy (hah!) chart for reference –

For the pullkick board, these are harder to find. The one that I am recommending now is from Arena and is called the PullKick Pro – Amazon.

As far as fins go, they can be purchased at Decathlon on St Laurent. Ensure that they are for swim training and not for scuba/snorkeling. They are also many models from Arena and Speedo available from Team Aquatic and Amazon.

All equipment must be placed in a mesh bag (available for purchase in the WAVE shop). This mesh bag is brought to every practice. The athletes bring their mesh bag with ALL their equipment – including their water polo ball – to their lane. There is no leaving the pool to get equipment as it is all ready to go in the mesh bag. Mesh bags are not for towels, clothing.  

Feel free to email me if you have any questions. We need to hit the ground running in September as we do have official swim meets on the calendar for October already scheduled and having the right equipment is a big part of being ready for the sporting year ahead.

…and label everything.

Coach Fraser
WAVE Swimming Head Coach