The swim meet schedule is announced at the start of each session.

WAVE usually attends 5 or 6 meets in the Fall and another 5 or 6 in the Winter and Spring.

You are asked to commit to a meet by filling out a Google Form that will be distributed by the Team Managers. All information about that meet will be on the Google Form including a link to the host club’s Meet Package (a document with all the details on events, location, timing).

The Swim Coach will then make available the entries of all the swimmers, i.e. – a list of all the swimmers attending the meet and all the events that they are entered. You must visually confirm that your athlete is entered. Mistakes can and will be made. This is posted to the news section of the site.

Closer to the meet, the Swim Coach will post the heat sheets if they are made available by the host club. The heat sheets let you know the Event, Heat and Lane for your athlete’s meet. This is posted to the news section of the site.

The meet package will be linked in all communication and will be included in the itinerary that is put together by Lisa closer to the day of the event.