It’s important to understand that WAVE athletes play for their club and not a team. Because of this, the rosters and teams are very fluid and are independent of what training group you are a part of.
For invitational tournaments, WAVE wants to send as many athletes as possible and allow for full participation. WAVE also strives to develop our athletes at each step of the way, according to their abilities and their progression.
In the Junior Waves alone, there are 3 age categories that athletes belong to: 9U, 11U, and 13U so you can expect some movement from tournament to tournament.
Sometimes your athlete will play up an age division or play their own age division, this can happen when:
  • athletes are needed in age age category above their own in order to make a team (and thus prevent WAVE having to cut a team)
  • athletes are required to play in their own age group when playing for a Provincial title
  • athletes are participating in an invitational tournament and want to gain experience at a higher age level
Attendance and participation is also a large part of team placement decisions.