Girls Are Champions!

Ages 9 to 13

About our Girls Are Champions! Program

Our mission is to inspire and motivate young 9-13 year old girls (born between 2008 through 2012) to sustain a life-long love for sport. Our Girls Are Champions! Water Polo program is about ensuring positive and inclusive programming that focuses on each girl’s strengths and opportunities for development both in the water and on land. Capital Wave will help create a positive atmosphere for young female athletes and encourage them to commit to sport and a healthy lifestyle throughout their school years. We can also provide resources encouraging them to consider a transition to coaching future young female athletes, a way to share their passion for sport moving forward. A tough sport like water polo will teach girls how to build strength, persevere, and overcome challenges that will help them well into adulthood.

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Why a Water Polo program just for Girls?

This program is designed for girls between the ages of 8 to 14 years old (born between 2007 through 2013) who love the water and want to swim and play. This program is mainly focused around the concept of giving girls the opportunity to learn and sustain a life-long love of water polo in a comfortable atmosphere. We want our athletes to learn the fundamental skills and rules of the game at a young age, so they enter our recreational and competitive programs knowing what the sport is all about. The goal of Girls Are Champions! Water Polo is to get as many girls as possible playing water polo. In a normal season, athletes learn the basics of the sport and play supervised non-contact scrimmages against each other. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, modified practices and opportunities have been created for this group. To join this program, girls should have basic swimming skills and be comfortable in deep water (have a minimum of Red Cross Swim level 5). Every girl registered in this program will have the opportunity to play in our Capital Wave Games League (CWGL) every Sunday once we are able to run it again.

Waneek Horn-Miller
Olympian and Motivational Speaker

Jessica Gaudreault
Team Canada’s Goalkeeper

Heïdi Boilard
Sports Performance Dietitian

Mel Fiala
Athletic Therapist

Guest Speakers, Olympians, Dietitian, Athletic Therapy and More!

Our girls will have a chance to work with some amazing women in the sporting community here in Ottawa. They will have workshops specifically tailored to them and be able to develop their athletic careers even further. Guests speakers like Olympian and World Activist Waneek Horn-Miller and Team Canada’s Goalkeeper Jessica Gaudreault will give our girls once in a lifetime experiences. Working alongside our Performance Dietitian Heïdi Boilard and our Athletic Therapist, Mel Fiala, will help ensure they keep a healthy balance with nutrition and rehabilitation as well. These are just among the few perks of joining our Girls Are Champions! Water Polo program.

Meet our All Female Staff

We are proud to continue to encourage and support our female coaches to step into bigger roles. We are so proud and excited for our girls to experience different coaching styles under these great female coaches. Our girls will also be assigned a mentor from one of the older girls in the competitive program.

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Scholarships Available!

We are happy to offer several scholarships for this program. Scholarships are available to girls who are new to the sport of water polo, are willing to make a six month commitment and have completed Red Cross Swim level 5 or have equivalent swimming abilities. For more information, please contact 

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Core Benefits of the Girls Are Champions! Water Polo Program:

  • Develop water safety skills
  • Cultivate health and fitness
  • Build self esteem, encourage self-love and body positivity
  • Sample a new sport for which you may have a special talent or passion for
  • Meet new friends in a safe, fun environment, that also teaches life lessons
  • Build endurance and muscle tone
  • Learn how you fit into a team with your individual strengths
  • Learn water polo basics designed by International and Olympic coaches

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