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Water Polo Insurance RAMP Registration questions?

  • Water Polo insurance is now done through the new RAMP system. Everyone must purchase it on their own.
  • To Register:
    • Go to: CapitalWave.rampregistrations.com
    • Create an account.
    • Once created, you will see a new screen. On the left is the menu.
    • Click on MY FAMILY MEMBERS.
    • Click on ADD A FAMILY MEMBER
    • Complete the information in PARTICIPANT box for each family member. No need to add additional documents.
    • Once all family members are entered (volunteer, athlete, executive), return to the DASHBOARD.
    • Click on PARTICIPANT REGISTRATION. For each family member select a DIVISION. The DIVISION is the level of insurance the athlete requires. The list below describes the various insurance level. Please select the DIVISION required for your PARTICIPANT. At this time, we recommend COMMUNITY for all athletes.

If you have any issues or troubles, please contact: ramp@capitalwave.ca

General Registration questions?

  • For program fees & instalments, please click here.
  • HST questions
  • Pro-rated questions
  • Refund questions
  • Trouble registering on our website

Please contact: registrar@capitalwave.ca

Any Covid-19 questions?

  • For our Covid-19 Info & Return to Sport Plan – click here.
  • Ottawa University Vaccination Portal Registration – click here.
  • Carleton University Vaccination Portal Registration – click here.
  • Other Covid-19 related questions

Please contact: covid@capitalwave.ca

Admin questions?

  • Don’t know who’s your coach?
  • Don’t know who’s your team manager?
  • Don’t know what your schedule is? Click here.

Please contact: admin@capitalwave.ca

Coaching questions?

  • Program specific questions
  • Swim meets and participations
  • Water polo games and tournaments
  • Play time

Please contact: coach@capitalwave.ca

Merchandise questions?

  • For merchandise and equipment requirements, please click here.
  • To check what is in stock, click on our SHOP here.
  • For any sizing questions

Please contact: merchandise@capitalwave.ca

Club structure and philosophy questions?

  • Specific board questions
  • Specific policy questions
  • Complaints

Please contact: president@capitalwave.ca