High-Performance Academy

What is our High-Performance Academy with Capital Wave?

Our High-Performance Academy (known as our HPA program) is a centre for athletes to develop and reach their personal best. Our HPA program is one of a kind in the country and it has been respected and endorsed by several national team coaches. Our athletes train an intensive 8-9 trainings per week (4-5 water and 4 dry-land/gym sessions) while balancing their school workload at the same time. Most of our athletes attend sport schools, however that is not a requirement to join this incredible and powerful program. The amount of progress and improvement that our athletes have shown and accomplished is like no other and it is clearly visible both in and out of the water. Our athletes are able to drastically change their water polo bodies to allow for muscle growth and agility in the water.

Our program was first created in the 2017-2018 season by our water polo legend and 4-Time Olympian David Hart. The main mission of this program still continues to be to help athletes reach their personal best. All trainings are customized for each athlete in regard to weight trainings and water sessions according to their skill and level. Although our HPA program teaches some tactic work, our priority is on self-development with a huge emphasize on SKILL and TECHNIQUE. Our athletes do not only play on our club team’s respective programs, but also go on to play on Team Ontario and several National Team programs, therefore our philosophy is very important.

Why Kids Need High-Performance Water Polo?

If you are an athlete that wants to see your full potential and see what it is like to reach your personal best, then this program is for you. There is no sugarcoating this intense program as it is mentally and physically demanding, however, the results and the outcomes are far more rewarding. We encourage families to allow athletes to register for this program if they have narrowed water polo down as their way of life, their dreams, their sport, and their passion. This program demonstrates and teaches athletes what it REALLY takes to be a high-performance athlete.

There has been a lot of years of planning and development to make this program come to life and become a respected prestige program. We love the hard work our athletes put in every day, but we also thank the parents for allowing them and supporting their children.

“We cannot believe the change we see in our son both physically and in the pool. He is a totally different athlete than his first water polo session with the HPA program and we love supporting him throughout his journey. The amount of progress that not only my son, but all the athletes in the HPA program have accomplished is remarkable and non comparable to any other program in the city. This intense program is for elite water polo athletes that want to reach their personal best. We strongly encourage parents to consider this option if their child loves water polo as much as our son does. “

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Core Benefits:

  • Big increase in muscle tone with a leaner body
  • Learn up to date and advanced individual skills
  • Build excellent endurance and speed
  • Train with the best athletes in Ottawa
  • Learn to overcome defeat and failure
  • Grow tremendously as a person and as an athlete
  • Increase your chances on making Team Ontario and the National Team

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