Hello Capital Wave Families,
We are finally an officially sanctioned Swim Club! While we were granted the status of a new swim club last spring, Swim Ontario and Swimming Canada require each club to go through an extensive (especially for new clubs) sanctioning procedure at the start of each season. Thank you to all of the Board Members and Coaches Fraser and Rodrigo for their many hours dedicated to this most important milestone for our club!
Coach Fraser shared his thoughts about this achievement in his recent blog post. I will start you off with a quote from his post:

 “I was reminded of a quote that opened one of the chapters in Bonnie Tsui’s book:

Water is H2O, hydrogen two parts, oxygen one, but there is also a third thing, that makes it water and nobody knows what that is.

D. H. Lawrence”
Please take a few moments to read his inspiring words and find out what the “third thing is”:
What does this mean for your athletes?
It means they are now able to participate in swim meets (with other clubs), open water events in the summer, and any other sanctioned Swim Ontario event that comes up.  They will not notice any difference in the coaching and programming they have been receiving at practices. They may notice a few different Covid protocols in the water being asked of them by the coaches as required by Swim Ontario.
What does this mean administratively?
The dedicated weekly swim practice will now be a Swim Ontario sanctioned practice instead of under the Ontario Water Polo umbrella. As such, each athlete must be a registered Swim Ontario/Swimming Canada member just as each athlete has been registered with Ontario Water Polo/Water Polo Canada through RAMP for water polo sanctioning.
What are the Next Steps?
1. Each family will be required to purchase Swim Ontario/Swimming Canada insurance in order to be sanctioned. Unlike RAMP, these fees are paid to Capital Wave who in turn sends them off to Swim Ontario/Swimming Canada. Many of you purchased this insurance upon registration. For those that did not, Anna will be sending you an invoice directly.
2. Capital Wave will create new Swimming Canada accounts for each athlete.
3. Each family will receive an email from Swimming Canada to activate their athletes’ accounts and sign off on the waivers.
4. This insurance covers an entire season.
All athletes must be fully sanctioned by Swimming Canada in order to attend practices as well as swimming events.
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
Lisa Bloom
Club Administrator
Capital Wave 
Swimming and Water Polo Club
Mobile: 613-295-2300