The WAVE Ambassadors in Perth

Thanks to all the Team Managers and to Lisa for all the email and website updates. I will try not to duplicate efforts and present material from a coach’s perspective.

Congratulations to all athletes that participated in the Boogaloo this past weekend. It was a tremendously fun event for all. The highlight for me was some of the poses from the mini-waves as they came out of the balloon arch, well done! Many thanks to all the parents and volunteers for making this a Boogaloo to remember.

There were a lot of great (unofficial) times recorded from our athletes. The plan is that next year, we’ll have enough official timers so that the Boogaloo times will count towards their official times as posted on Did you know that you can search for your swimmer on and see all their best times recorded at meets?

Congratulations also to the WAVE Ambassadors who travelled to Perth this past weekend. You can read more about the experience here.

Upcoming events

The next big event is the March Madness water polo tournament. Traditionally, WAVE has been able to bring numerous teams to this event but the host club has had to put in limits this year.  This has come as a disappointment to all, but work is under way to find new opportunities to play.

The next swim meet will be in Petawawa on April 15th. This is a one-day event with warm-up at 9:00 AM. The pool is 25m and there are comfortable stands for all the fans. WAVE hopes to bring 50 swimmers to this meet. All insured swimmers are invited. COMMIT TO THIS EVENT TODAY.


One of the best features about being a dual sport club is that you are never at the bottom of your age group! For example, when you are 11 and 13 and 15 you are at the bottom of the age group for swimming but not for water polo. Isn’t that fantastic! Imagine the confidence we are building in our athletes when you are never having an off-year.

Read this story about a water polo player that turned to swimming for inspiration. This is the type of athlete that we are building at WAVE.

Reminders for Athletes

  • Swimmers should arrive for practices 15 minutes before start of practice and be on deck with their equipment and ready to swim when the practice starts.
  • Cell phone use is not permitted in the change room or on deck.
  • Athletes should be attentive to the coach and supportive of their teammates. Name calling and horseplay are not permitted.
  • Athletes should not leave the pool during practice except in emergencies.
  • Athletes who will be late or absent from practice or need to leave early should inform their coach with as much notice as possible.
  • Athletes should rapidly clear the pool deck and change rooms at the end of practice.

Life is always better in the water,